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in or near or toward a center or according to a central role or function


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Generally, units should not buy or stock centrally managed OCIE issued by Central Issue Facilities (CIFs).
Featuring a patent-pending local sync filtering technology, it also delivers to security administrators the ability to centrally and granularly define which types of data the specified users or groups are allowed to synchronize between corporate PCs and their personal Palm devices.
A weak control environment and breakdowns in key controls over centrally billed accounts resulted in DOD paying travelers for airline tickets they did not purchase, issuing and paying for unauthorized airline tickets, and paying for goods and services obtained with compromised centrally billed accounts.
These benefit can be achieved in a centrally managed environment by selecting the right Storage Management solution and implementing the best practices described in the following section.
Personal property taxes are sometimes centrally administered by the state revenue agency, or they may be locally administered under uniform state statutes, regulations and guidelines.
UFDs centrally managed by the TrustWatch suite can securely store work-related information, and support remote access to email and other applications.
Colubris offers a family of centrally managed intelligent 802.
In November 2003, GAO testified on the significant level of improper premium class travel purchased with centrally billed accounts.
Leading Enterprise Security Vendor Consolidates Critical Security Functions Into a Single, Centrally Managed Agent to Create Unified Client Security
Pico's PicoManager software resides on any Windows 2000 server and is used to centrally monitor the status of all Pico access points (AP) in a network, to remotely configure individual APs and to perform network-wide firmware upgrades.
Gartner predicts that the known costs of centrally supporting remote access services will double by 2008 and the unknown costs without centralized management will triple.
By combining these two innovative technologies, SEPATON S2100[R]-ES2 virtual tape library (VTL) and Signiant Mobilize(TM) for Remote Data Protection (RDP), customers can utilize a single, cost-effective, scalable system to centrally manage and protect enterprise-wide data, and eliminate costly, manual and error-prone remote-site data management practices.
GO-Global's ability to centrally publish newer applications to any thin client or desktop lets us extend the lifecycle of older PCs.
With FootPrints, they are up-and-running in just days with centrally managed tracking for all incoming customer requests from multiple sources (phone, email, the web, live chat, and wireless devices) along with extensive workflow and business rule automation, self-service online, knowledge management, two-way email management, service level management, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and much more.
ATLANTA -- Synthis Corp, a leading provider of process-focused knowledge management solutions, announced today the successful roll-out of the Synthis Portal Server, a portal application which allows enterprises to provide employees and business partners customized views of centrally managed business process definitions and related content.
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