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the act of consolidating power under a central control

gathering to a center

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Even though researchers have attempted to explain the relationships among organizational structure, empowerment, and innovative behavior, there is still a lack of explanation of the mediating role of empowerment in the links among centralization, formalization, and innovative behavior.
Softtissue distraction with a ring external fixator before centralization for radial longitudinal deficiency.
In this study, we show that debt centralization could result in soft budget constraint (SBC) of local governments by building and analyzing a stylized model that might be new to the literature.
Thomas Holstein of the Centre for Organismal Studies demonstrated how the origin of nerve cell centralization can be traced back to the diffuse nerve net of simple and original lower animals like the sea anemone.
As part of this trend, the Panel is applying increased scrutiny to requests for centralization and articulating reasons not to establish new MDLs.
This customer's selection of IBMS is just the latest example of how our solutions are enabling large-scale centralization and consolidation within some of the world's largest media operations.
RIGA - There are certain problems with the management of state assets in Latvia, and greater centralization is required to solve them, but the management of state assets must be professional, politically neutral, and not overly expensive, believe representatives of government-run companies who participated in a debate organized by the business portal Nozare.
The results show a positive correlation between cohesion and centralization, and the positive influence of the cohesion index and the centralization index on social presence and cognitive presence in knowledge building.
defines bounded rationality as the inability of budget decision makers to process policy data and political inputs, and presents empirical evidence that bureaucratic centralization of the budget processes expedites information processing and reduces organizational conflicts.
THE WHOLE TRUTH about Lincoln's war to prevent 11 American states from forming a federation of their own cannot be understood unless it is seen as an extension of a brutal process of centralization that had been going on in Europe since the 13th century.
Keywords: Centralization, Decentralization, Education, Management
The system achieves report centralization so that userscan create and submit reports online for review and approval, centralize all reports in one system and search historical reports with a few clicks.
In the area of the "industrial organization of corruption," our analysis generates very different conclusions concerning the benefit of bureaucratic centralization.
Brubaker chronicles a gradual centralization of control over agricultural pollution in Canada from the 1970s to the present, documents the environmental and social costs associated with the centralization, and suggests caution regarding further centralizing measures.