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advocating centralization


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The follow up studies of impact of economic reform on domestic NIS (Adamski, Machonin and Zapf 2002; Gorzelak, Ehrlich, Faltan, and Illner 2001; Muller 2002) well indicate how easily the centralistic innovation pattern could be destructed, but with what obstacles a creation of a new innovation pattern and regulatory regime can advance: in the 90s of the last century the public attention and policies were focused on restructuring research sectors (restoration of research at universities); in the first decade of this century a slow shift to the issues of innovation policy can be observed (growth of industrial science and research in business enterprise sector).
This means that the artistic revolution of the 1940s and 1950s has also managed to re-establish, on a new basis, the Italian perception of national identity: no longer a rigid, centralistic and unitary model which marginalizes local identities, but a frame in which the parts strengthen the whole and enrich it.
48) At theological level, the RCC's approach was also very consistent and centralistic.
Today, although it proclaims itself the exclusive possessor of the Macedonian ancient history, Greece acts as a historical enemy of the Macedonian centralistic heritage.
Yet another proof of superiority was precisely the triumph of capitalism over the centralistic system which existed in the state-controlled markets.
In the past ten years, the country has transformed itself from one of the most authoritarian and centralistic regimes in the world into a de-centralised democracy, one of the most massive political transitions ever seen in any developing country.
At the same time, village level institutions responsible for dispute resolution have been undermined by thirty years of highly centralistic governance and now suffer from capacity and legitimacy gaps (World Bank 2007a:1).
On the contrary,, he wants to preserve the medieval, centralistic Roman system for all ages--even if this makes impossible the reconciliation of the Christian churches in fundamental questions.
The Lisbon Agenda on Growth and Jobs has shown that a centralistic approach does not lead to results.
The number and variance of proposals considered as serious alternatives to the centralistic Vidovdan Constitution of 1921 is indeed telling.
For example instead of centralistic and top-down approaches, the government needs to share leadership and employ collegiate approach among agencies.