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the political policy of concentrating power in a central organization

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This type of bureaucratic centralism, which drove the legislative framework and its administrative practices, over time led to the endurance of Commonwealth authority, conservative sanctioned paternalism, and productive citizenship.
However, due to the hierarchical and authoritarian nature of "democratic centralism," acceptance to the party, as well as advancement in it, was conditional on approval of those higher up in its ranks.
The euro zone is heading towards greater fiscal centralism to stabilise the system.
Centralism, targets and top-down management have never worked.
The January devolution O&S committee did not pull its punches - a resistant culture of centralism, uncertainty over whether the right services have been devolved, and a lack of clarity on how real local control is going to be exerted over the supposedlydevolved services that are still run from the centre through 'service level agreements', or contracted out to companies who face little local accountability.
He also stressed that the south is against regionalism and centralism, calling on the government to pay more attention to the south which suffered a lot from marginalisation.
In a strong response that governors seldom come up with, Narayanan said he has been a student of communism for over six decades and was aware of the fact that the concept of democratic centralism was pivotal to communist ideology and therefore wanted the CPI-M politburo to apologise for the action of party functionaries.
Local boards are still cleaning up Labor s mess, but the surviving cell of ALP extremists continues to promote its potion of waste, blown budgets and centralism as the best medicine for Queensland Health, Mr Springborg said.
For in turn, the path to solving these problems depends on developing another political and cultural vision, in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, that would replace the centralism of today with federalism, and tyrannical homogeneity with ethnic, religious and confessional pluralism.
And as far as the FSLN-controlled city governments are concerned, those mayors' offices are likely to be absorbed by the centralism of the Ortega administration.
He lays out a powerful and timely argument through theoretical assumptions and questions to support a creative method, relational centralism, for studying African American religion in a new light.
They opposed the SEIU'S mindless centralism, its sweetheart contracts with employers and its backroom deals with politicians.
This would safeguard the independence of the police and law enforcement services: a bulwark against the authoritarian state centralism of recent years.
H]e drew a firm distinction between 'bourgeois democracy, which he rejected, and 'socialist democracy, which he said had to be combined with centralism and discipline.