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Mr Flynn has experienced deteriorating central vision for the last eight years which has affected his quality of life but is now looking forward to a clearer view of his beloved Manchester United on television.
Raymond Flynn, <B80, from Audenshaw, Manchester, speaks during a press conference at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, after he had his central vision restored after he received a 'bionic eye'.
As part of a person-centred low vision and rehabilitation package, eccentric viewing (EV) and steady eye strategy (SES) are practical techniques that can help many people with central vision loss use their residual vision more effectively.
Despite all the great pharmacotherapy advances in AMD treatment, some patients will unfortunately progress to end stage AMD where their straight ahead, central vision is permanently blocked," said Dr.
Clinical service of the year' is an award for medical staff, teams or services which provide diagnosis or treatment for macular disease, and which demonstrate exceptionally good practice in the care of people with central vision loss.
The disease involves a loss of central vision, such that people suffering at advanced stages are unable to read, watch TV, drive, or use computers.
AMD is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that kills photoreceptor cells in the macula-the region of the retina responsible for sharp, detailed central vision.
But in April last year, he lost his central vision.
You may need new glasses, have a cataract or have a condition called age-related macular degeneration, which causes blurring of your central vision.
She said: "I'm sure Mr Williams' prompt action saved my central vision.
Macular degeneration and macular disease are terms for conditions affecting the central vision.
AMD can cause profound loss of central vision due to the breakdown of the eye's light-sensing cells in the retina.
Visual Image processing consists of Color perception, Central Vision Processing and Peripheral Vision Processing.
Bergliot Schevenius, Golden Valley, Minnesota, writes that taking NIH-proven ingredients found in PreserVision vitamins (Bausch & Lomb) staved off her AMD and preserved central vision for several years.
She said: "We would not wish to see another case like the young boy who lost his central vision back in October 2005 through looking directly at a partial eclipse in his school playground.
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