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He said: "I have been very keen for a long time to help people to learn more about all things that can help us when we lose our central vision.
But the good news is there is a lot we can do to help patients enjoy healthy vision for many years to come, whether treating them with injections or supporting patients to make the best use of their navigational vision, even while their central vision is declining.
I have been left with no central vision and that's what you use to see detail.
Macular degeneration causes a loss of central vision.
The team speculates that, by using their peripheral vision to compensate for their central vision loss, patients are contributing to the cortical thickening seen in the study.
Patients who lose central vision may feel like their independence is impacted if they need to ask for help signing checks, making selections at the grocery store or even recognizing grandchildren.
It's left me with little to no central vision, so I have to rely on peripheral vision.
The study found that Lucentis produced more improvement in central vision and little change in side vision when compared to laser therapy.
Coun Moira Smith, lead member for public health and wellbeing, said: "Smoking can double the risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) - when central vision becomes blurred and distorted making everyday activities like watching TV, reading, driving and even recognising the faces of family and friends more difficult or impossible.
It can lead to loss of peripheral and central vision, or cause blurred or cloudy vision.
A PARTIALLY sighted pensioner has had his central vision restored for the first time in nearly a decade after he received a "bionic eye" at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.
Often linked to age macular degeneration (MD), it sees a gradual loss of central vision, though onset can also be rapid.
The disease involves a loss of central vision, such that people suffering at advanced stages are unable to read, watch TV, drive, or use computers.
Glaucoma tends to affect peripheral vision first, but even if it doesn't affect central vision, it can be dangerous while driving: In one study that used driving simulators, people with glaucoma got into accidents at about twice the rate of motorists without vision problems.
It caused irreversible damage which means she still suffers from loss of central vision.
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