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a heating system in which air or water is heated at a central furnace and sent through the building via vents or pipes and radiators

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Residents of apartments connected to central heating system said the temperature inside their homes plummeted to +10[degrees]C amid -23[degrees]C weather conditions.
Steve Batty, director for Better Homes Yorkshire, said: "We're excited about this new funding from National Grid which will tackle fuel poverty by providing gas-fired central heating systems across the UK.
The property also benefits from having UPVC double glazed windows and gas central heating system.
Setting the thermostat to between 18C and 21C should ensure your home maintains a comfortable temperature, and your central heating system won't have to work as hard to reach the desired temperature.
In the autumn Northumberland County Council will begin to install central heating systems in local fuel poor households.
Up-to-date controls enable the boiler and radiators to communicate, giving you a much better central heating system.
A survey indicated that a central heating system with a full set of controls and thermostatic radiator valves could save up to 40% compared to an uncontrolled system.
But changing an outdated central heating system or boiler sounds costly – however you could be one of the thousands of people eligible for a free or subsidised upgrade.
As its an electric model, it doesn't need to be connected to your central heating system, so it's perfect for loft conversions and extensions and is easy to install.
I'm also looking forward to helping to educate the supply chain on the importance of having a clean and efficient central heating system and dosing with Fernox chemical water treatments.
The central heating system of the Bulgarian city of Pernik has turned out to have been badly damaged by the May 20, 2012, earthquake that shook Western Bulgaria.
Redecorated throughout, the unfurnished house also benefits from new carpets and flooring, a new central heating system and new double glazing.
com - provides advice on energy efficient domestic circulator pumps, the core of the central heating system.
The second time St Mary's was burned was at the end of the 19th century due to a faulty central heating system.
I BOUGHT a flat but on the day after I moved in the gas company condemned the central heating system.
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