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Synonyms for centner

a unit of weight equal to 100 kilograms

in some European countries: a unit of weight equivalent to 50 kilograms

a United States unit of weight equivalent to 100 pounds

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With these new contracts and relationships, HTA has increased its position as the largest third-party provider of electronic toll collection services to the car-rental industry," said Centner.
Centner noted that the TravelPass toll tag is initially being accepted in the Northeast and Midwest.
The words neutral and independent are ones you hear with increasing frequency in today's Internet B2B world," said Centner.
This is the fast-track, no-cost way for any company considering making a huge technology investment to handle its purchasing online," says Centner.
MaterialNet, which is independent (no supplier has an equity interest in the company), was founded in August 1999 by serial 'Netrepreneur David Centner (K2 Design, CLIQNOW
was founded in August 1999 by serial `Netrepreneur David Centner (K2 Design, CLIQNOW
Yield increased by 3 centners from gekara, making 33 centner / ha for the first time in the history of the region.
NASDAQ: KTWO, KTWOW), the publicly-traded New York based interactive advertising agency, is joining the ranks of the American Association of Advertising Agencies as one of its first independently owned interactive agency members it was announced today by K2's Chairman David Centner.
According to the program, the area for rice planting is planned to be increased to 10,000 hectares, and the productivity up to 40 centners per hectare in Azerbaijan.
The average yield was 31 centners per 1 hectare against 26