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Synonyms for centimetre

a metric unit of length equal to one hundredth of a meter

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Women with a head circumference of 35 centimetres or more at birth had an 11 per cent higher risk of developing breast cancer.
Taller women had a 20% greater risk of breast cancer than short women, while the chances of having melanoma skin cancer increased by around 30% per 10 centimetres of height in both sexes.
The trampoline is worst among household items, with 640,000 germs in every 100 square centimetres - an area about the size of a coaster.
I would suggest that if five centimetres is our problem, then we really, really do have a snow problem.
8What weighs nearly 25 kilos, is 76 centimetres in height, 43 centimetres wide and around 25 centimetres deep?
The vehicle is 368 centimetres long, 167 centimetres wide, 160 centimetres high and has a wheelbase of 230 centimetres.
Passengers are now allowed to carry one item of hand luggage with an increased size of 56 centimetres long, 45 centimetres high and 25 centimetres deep.
BRIAN Noon, ofGreat Crosby, writes: ``Your banner headline occupies 30 column centimetres (5cm x 6 cols), with a pathetic joke about Sven and his lady-love occupying 3 column centimetres (1.
A general soil cover 30 centimetres thick is placed over the fibre clay, followed by 15 centimetres of topsoil and grass.
Most of these samples are channel samples between 15 and 30 centimetres, extracted directly from the quartz veins.
As of 9 am (0000 GMT) Thursday, the fresh snowfall pushed the levels to 275 centimetres in Aomori prefecture in the far north of the country's main island, 204 centimetres in Tottori in the west, and 202 centimetres in Niigata, on the coast of the island's centre, the agency said.