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a metric unit of volume equal to one hundredth of a liter

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Brecon Mineral Water has 30 different product lines in still and sparkling waters that are sold in sizes ranging from 30 centilitres to 2 litres.
Mix seven grams of coffee with 30 centilitres of water, add nine bar of pressure and 25 seconds of time - and you may never have a bad cup of coffee again.
Like its plan to scrap alcoholic units in favour of displaying the centilitres of pure alcohol, the document has not been properly thought through.
He said they favoured centilitres of alcohol per drink with voluntary labelling by drink makers.
Ten centilitres of fuel and a new battery started the car on the third try.
X X (*) where it forms the central letter of a central palindromic group of 5 or more letters, as do the letters F and L in KNIFING and CENTILITRES respectively.