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the point within something at which gravity can be considered to act

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There must be clear linkage between campaign objectives on the operational level and undermining moral centers of gravity (or resistance) on the strategic.
Thus the moral centers of gravity were neutralized simultaneously with defeating operational centers of gravity, the Republican Guard and the Fedayeen.
Two central elements common to these moral centers of gravity are the will to fight and the ability to command the necessary resources.
Eikmeier's COG determination methodology provides tangible centers of gravity, which are determined through a testable "does/uses" criteria.
As the JOPP COG methodology next outlines, critical strengths, critical weaknesses, centers of gravity, critical capabilities, critical requirements, and critical vulnerabilities must be identified.
7) Eikmeier references that the use of the word primary is attributed to Joe Strange, Centers of Gravity and Critical Vulnerabilities: Building the Clausewitzian Foundation So That We Can All Speak the Same Language, Perspectives on Warfighting, no.
Furthermore, it creates the false impression that centers of gravity derive from "sources" of strength, or that they are themselves "strengths.
Accordingly, there exist within these armed forces certain centers of gravity that, by their movement and direction, exert a decisive influence over all other points; and these centers of gravity exist where the forces are most concentrated.
The type and number of centers of gravity the enemy possesses will thus depend upon the degree of connectivity, or overall unity, that his forces possess.
Many of the principles of war directly apply in determining the importance of centers of gravity.
For years, commanders and their staffs have struggled to correctly identify centers of gravity.
The requirement to frame the problem and write a problem statement early in design raises a question concerning how the problem relates to one or more centers of gravity.
Any discussion of enemy and friendly centers of gravity prior to defining the problem and the start of developing an operational approach is illogical and negates the utility of operational design.
Strange links centers of gravity to critical vulnerabilities in a way that war planners can put into practice.
1 and its approach to determining centers of gravity thus begs the question: Why not just call centers of critical capabilities what they are?
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