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Synonyms for centerpiece

the central or most important feature

something placed at the center of something else (as on a table)

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A fresh-cut evergreen centerpiece A holiday centerpiece with evergreen elements is a traditional holiday focal point that makes any tabletop more festive.
It is not difficult to spend $40 or more dollars on the centerpiece.
She wanted the cake to be just the centerpiece and to be eaten on the night of the graduation, the following Sunday.
The fourth theme, CyOasis in the DesertCO, will display a cake in the form of a castle as the centerpiece with fruit carvings of desert elements.
Both the artichoke arrangement and floral watermelon centerpiece, for instance, hold up well and can be made a day ahead.
From this first conference, grew the System of Cooperation Among the American Air Forces (SICOFAA), with the annual CONJEFAMER as its centerpiece event.
Most important, with regard to the key activity of the foundation, we reiterate the statement in our June 10 press release: "The Lambda Literary Awards and their showcase author readings, the centerpiece of the foundation, will continue.
The centerpiece of the project includes a new "drum pulper," which will replace the old pulping technology introduced with the mill startup in 1979.
Many people put one big centerpiece in the middle of the table," says stylist Birte Walter.
A former president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, McDonough became the "super diplomat" on the world financial stage when, in July 1998, as chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, he began negotiating the new risk-adjusted bank capital accord called "Basel II," a centerpiece in reforming the international financial architecture.
While we'll leave the definitive answer to cognitive psychologists or some such group, unquestionably the graphics that are the centerpiece of the "Gran Turismo" video game for Sony PlayStation that emerged in '97 have had an effect on a whole group of young drivers (and will-be drivers) and, as a consequence, an effect on the designs of vehicles that are being made or seriously considered by OEMs.
The sculpture is to be the centerpiece of a $5 million tourist attraction that will include a 3700-sq-ft interpretive center telling the story of the North American bison and a living history Lakota village depicting Lakota life in the 1840s.
The Technology Center, a sparkling structure of glass shaped like a sloping cylinder, is the centerpiece of Electronic Park in Duisburg, Germany.
The event has become the centerpiece of the C&D recycling industry, with the industry's top leaders preparing to gather for the 11th time in 2004.
It may not be the study in silver a lot of folks are used to seeing with new AV kits these days, but the stylishly minimalist black exterior and (with the exception of the supplied subwoofer) the "all-in-one" one-box setup would make a great centerpiece in anyone's home.