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a magazine center spread

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But DJ Colleen Shannon's skills go well beyond her being chosen as the centerfold for Playboy's 50th Anniversary Issue; she is also an immensely talented entertainment professional who is known throughout the industry for her passion for music and strong work ethic.
A blend of illustrations and photographs--many taken during construction--includes a centerfold of the building that shows unique facets of its structure.
Over the past several years, I have found the centerfold images in your magazine too contemporary for my style of teaching.
Nieto pose for a centerfold in American Forests to prove a point.
The centerfold photos covering a recent CREW*New York event in the January 26th issue should have been attributed to Steve Friedman.
The rest of the Fox Files episode consisted of a teaser segment for an upcoming animated series and a segment on sex and the Internet, The week before, there were stories on Playboy's centerfold triplets, brothels in residential neighborhoods, and the return of Roller Derby.
Lessard replaced former editor Tina Brown, who was dismissed after she inadvertently activated at a corporate board meeting a prototype Tru-Feel-lt (TM) virtual-reality centerfold mannequin system that Brown had programmed to enact one of her own fantasies, which cannot be described here except to say that it involved Prince Charles, Diana and Fergie; the training of Buckingham Palace guards; disciplinary procedures at British girls schools; and an unnamed 13-year-old boy who filed certain legal charges against the former pop musician Michael Jackson (now known as Michelle Tao-Sigma-Rigel) in 1994.
recently spent a hammockful of money on a Wall Street Journal centerfold that interim chairman Warren E.
Rennco, a division of Pro Mach, will introduce its Centerfold Film Splicer for its vertical bagging and L-Bar sealing systems at Pack Expo in Chicago (Booth #N4129) this month.
CHICAGO, May 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- More than 50 years after introducing the illustrious Playmate Centerfold, Playboy is making history again with the introduction of its first-ever 3-D Centerfold in the magazine's June issue (on newsstands and online at www.
Such a life's representation in film, media and the arts is also reviewed in the course of Westchester: The American Suburb, while a centerfold of color photos adds to the attraction.
Gorgeous ``America's Top Model'' winner and recent Playboy centerfold Adrianne Curry pulled off her sky-high stilettos and laughed, saying to her ``Brady Bunch'' hubby Christopher Knight, ``If we're going to wait forever for the car, I can't wear these things for one more minute
She was one of 12 finalists for the reality show Girl Next Door: The Search for a Playboy Centerfold.
I just finished reading the article on Scott Merritt, the now--out centerfold in Playgirl magazine, and felt it was one of the best coming-out articles I have read in the pages of The Advocate ["Great Scott," August 19].