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Synonyms for Centre

Words related to Centre

a low-lying region in central France

a place where some particular activity is concentrated

the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering

the object upon which interest and attention focuses

move into the center


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And while other soaps centered around chats over the kitchen table, ``GH'' broke new ground with story lines on rape and infertility, and over the years, its characters dealt with the effects of breast cancer, AIDS, alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic abuse and other social issues.
Centered around a four-story bell tower atop a wing that houses 252 mentally ill patients, the university would emphasize biotechnology, telecommunications and international trade, said Evans.
Each Captain D's Seafood restaurant serves a seafood menu centered around the company's signature fried fish, which is hand cut, hand battered and made to order to ensure freshness.
Drug testing assays developed by Tensor are largely centered around the MED64 System's unique ability to image the activity of thousands of interacting neurons at once.
To date these filings have centered around innovative technologies ranging from methods for implementing communications protocols (GSM, CDMA, etc) on a software defined radio platform to the core design of a software radio platform itself.
Knobias offers a range of unique, independent research products and services surrounding Outside Market securities, and delivers these products and services via a series of customized websites centered around www.
Ainsworth added: "Data centre offerings are centered around managed services and a total outsourcing solution so we are likely to see falling prices in this environment, but it will not impact the price for pure colocation or shell and core colocation.
We see the new building as an opportunity to create an environment that is a reflection of the products we manufacture: user friendly, efficient and centered around good design," says BW's President & CEO, Cody Slater.
Traditional management of IBS has centered around education, support groups, stress management, dietary modification, fiber intake, behavioral or psychological modifications, setting realistic goals, and treatment of symptoms.
Centered around a network of sophisticated Secure Operations Centers, staffed by expert security analysts, the Company provides 24x7 monitoring, as well as penetration detection and response.
The complex is centered around the Stratosphere Tower, the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States.
We are now seeing a wide range of heart disease preventative strategies centered around our EBT scanner being implemented all across the country.
Kanbay's worldwide footprint is well positioned to help support MSDW because of the investment they have made in establishing a global labor network, strategically centered around the major financial services areas where MSDW and other financial services companies are located.