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a position of prominence or importance


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the central area on a theater stage

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The theatre's two stages--the 24-foot, 900-seat center stage and the 467-seat proscenium thrust stage, called the Sorenson Legacy Jewel Box Theatre--will allow the Hale Centre Theatre to "never go dark," said Dietlein.
She points to recent Center Stage initiatives aimed at embracing the community--for instance, the street fair--like arts extravaganza, showcasing local artists and groups, that, in September 2012, helped celebrate Center Stage's 50th-anniversary season.
The lights crossfade from Bird center stage, to the Baron who is leaning against the street lamp and looking in the grave.
With the addition of the Center Stage series, we welcome even more writers to our community of avid readers.
SCMC Center Stage will be located in the main Concert Hall of the 4H Conference Center and will run Saturday, August 25 - Saturday and is open to SCMC registrants and official showcasing artists with wristbands.
Center Stage was accused of making false statements to potential donors, including falsely claiming how donations would benefit veterans and sending false pledge invoices.
She decides to view it as an "empty stage," a chance to reinvent herself and to shine in the spotlight, but when she starts school at Dellwood High she discovers that Carla Santini already dominates center stage.
Mirapoint, the secure messaging expert, today announced that Mike Dodson, the company's director of Security Strategy, will be speaking on, "Email Takes Center Stage for Managed Services" at HostingCon 2007.
This show is about putting the musicians center stage,'' Ruest says.
Center stage is fragile Toby, a youth who joins other inmates and staff (and possibly a ghost) in reenacting the events that brought him there: The story of a London barber seeking revenge, and his baker-lover, Mrs.
Hult Center stage hands Bruce Hartnell (left), Jim Rusby, Janelle Lesan and Nathan Cox lift a floor panel as Doug Beebe guides it onto stage supports in preparation for summer events at the Cuthbert Amphitheater in Alton Baker Park.
His commitments to ABT, Center Stage, and guest gigs that poured in from all over the world took a toll on Stiefel's health.
After an extensive national search, Baltimore's Center Stage has announced Michael Ross as its new managing director.
Staged just as if Elvis was appearing live in concert, the limousine arrives at the stage to a thunderous ovation, the lights go down, and suddenly Elvis appears center stage, only this time, it's on a video screen and the young, vibrant King of Rock 'n' Roll appears 20 times larger than life.
Precious archival footage shows hunky George Zoritch (the stuff of erotic dreams in The Afternoon of a Faun) and Leonide Massine's surreal ballet Bacchanale, with its enormous bleeding swan designed by Salvador Dali center stage.
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