center of gravity

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the point within something at which gravity can be considered to act

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Now that we understand this methodology, we apply it to determine ISIL's center of gravity (figure 1).
The "ultra-low center of gravity package" also allowed a low hood design.
0] average values of center of gravity coordinates (3)
At the Parisi Speed School, we explain movement from a standpoint of Center of Gravity Management[TM].
To stand up, students would need to lean forward to move their center of gravity.
For calculations involving the Center of Gravity, [lambda] was defined by Lynch et al.
The 400cc titanium head sports a longer, shallower face for a lower, deeper center of gravity, while a higher launch angle adds carry distance.
You remember Mike Scioscia from his decade as the Dodgers' catcher for the way he hung tough against charging base-runners, for the way he stood up to Doc Gooden with 1988 on the line, for the way his teammates celebrated his low center of gravity with the nickname ``Lumpy.
Feature high-strength steel construction with a close center of gravity designed to use the full lifting capacity of the machine.
The machine's net driving force acts through the center of gravity of the axis.
Engineers structured their design around the principle that the net driving force should act through the center of gravity.
The center of gravity of a dancer's body lies in the bowl of the pelvis, generally accepted to be around the second sacral fused vertebra.
The lift assist feature is weight-sensitive to the shifting of an occupant's center of gravity, and the seat can be easily lowered or raised to the upright position.
They are the center of gravity for this organization and enjoy great support of the entire SDDC team.
And since SUVS have a higher center of gravity, they have a much greater chance of rolling over.
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