center of gravity

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the point within something at which gravity can be considered to act

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Many solid-modeling CAD software programs can accurately specify the location of a mold's center of gravity with just a couple of mouse clicks.
At the time of writing of this article (September 2016), a second minor amendment is forthcoming; however, this will not include any changes to center of gravity analysis.
Sadly though, this idea of the army being the center of gravity has also been bolstered by the United States, which as explained earlier, has preferred to do business with the army directly bypassing the civilians even when they are in power.
2]/s) indicates the area, which describes variation of center of gravity during the examination.
This is still an accurate representation of where the Center of Gravity lies.
Is the center of gravity always in the center of an object?
Finally, if pivoting when carrying an object, maintain a good center of gravity and turn both feet at the same time.
Comparison of the Centroid, Center of Gravity, Newton, Bruce, Huber, and Smalian formulae for predicting log volumes of three species in Turkey showed the Newton, Center of Gravity, and Centroid methods were clearly superior to the other formulae.
Then we make weight-and-balance calculations for and fly in trainer airplanes in con- figurations where center of gravity (CG) distribution is rarely a factor.
By tilting forward from your feet--never from your waist--you place your center of gravity ahead of your footstrike.
Weight is centralized in the undercarriage to provide increased stability and to lower the center of gravity
This theory, developed in the 1950s, asserts that a person minimizes energy by using six ambulatory tactics to keep his or her center of gravity as level as possible.
A lightweight beta titanium face insert and crown provide power, deepening the center of gravity in the clubhead for a high-launch, low-spin take-off and more roll upon landing.
The continuous shift in the global economy's center of gravity toward Asia with its enormous labor reserves also means that the employment prospects not only for low-skilled but increasingly high-skilled employees in the industrial nations will continue to deteriorate.
The 100D26-LH high-speed tire uniformity machine, developed for laboratory use, has a low center of gravity owing to its horizontal operation.
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