center of attention

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Synonyms for center of attention

the object upon which interest and attention focuses

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WEDNESDAY, JULY 5: Today, the center of attention shifts from Ralph to the new stegosaur.
talking loudly, calling out, walking about the room, clowning and tossing things) are examples of students either being bored or wanting to be the center of attention.
and their girlfriends--the newest additions to an ever-expanding gang at the absolute center of attention.
The authors cover work with all of the parties involved in a specific context, including not only the one at the center of attention but also caregivers, health care professionals, the family, and the community at large.
The ark was even the center of attention in a religious "Ceremony of Hope," celebrated on the Lord's Day at Emmanuel Lutheran Church.
Complaining gives them a platform and makes them the center of attention.
Yesterday Debbie was the center of attention at an event to plant trees on a Sarajevo hillside devastated during the war in Bosnia in the early 1990s.
Amid the beauty, however, the center of attention was a Military Traffic Management Command barge move.
This segmented-fragmented movement idiom frequently features buckling knees as the center of attention, if not the center of gravity.
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