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the person who plays center field

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Jacoby knows he'll still be a center fielder in the long run," he added.
Fighters catcher Shinya Tsuruoka, second baseman Shinji Takahashi, third baseman Eiichi Koyano and center fielder Yoshio Itoi were each first-time recipients for Nippon Ham.
NYSE:HAS), announced today plans to feature All Star center fielder and two-time Gold Glove recipient Torii Hunter, of the Minnesota Twins, on marketing items related to the MLB(TM) Showdown(TM) 2003 sports card game.
Center fielder Dave Wallen collected three singles and five RBIs for visiting Northbridge (4-3).
Newly acquired center fielder may or may not hit leadoff for Dodgers this year.
The outfielders are listed first because they are supposed to be the best fly-catchers on the team, just as the infielders are supposed to be the best ground-ball fielders and the center fielder is placed in the top position because he is the best flycatcher on the team.
1 -- 2) Center fielder Juan Pierre, left, and shortstop Rafael Furcal both will get a chance to bat leadoff during spring training.
Right Fielder & Center Fielder face the sun and practice catching fly balls hit by the coach.
If 29-year-old Juan Pierre is somehow worth five years and $44 million to the Dodgers as their new leadoff man and center fielder, why is this his fourth employer since 2000?
The Chicago White Sox, who are in town this week, could be a trade partner since they likely will be shopping for a center fielder, left fielder and shortstop this winter.
Originally drafted as a shortstop, Upton is being developed as a center fielder, the only position he's played in 86 games at South Bend.
The Angels primarily would be shopping for a center fielder, corner infielder and.
Sylmar center fielder Christine Lopez robbed Ponce with a sensational running shoestring catch leading off the seventh.
Table setting: With both Garciaparra and center fielder Kenny Lofton (left calf) unavailable, left fielder Jose Cruz Jr.
Center fielder Chone Figgins casually sauntered toward the infield, assuming shortstop Orlando Cabrera would make the play.
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