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Synonyms for census

a periodic count of the population

conduct a census

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The Census Bureau also held several tribal governments' conferences across the country.
Needless to say, the published results of the 1900 census already provide much of the gross patterning that Bose interrogates.
The investigators also utilized an EPA dispersion model that combined 1990 emissions inventories with meteorologic data to estimate the annual HAP concentration for each census tract in the country.
Blake said sorting Valley data by tracts, the small subdivisions the census uses, would help everyone - from civic leaders to the business community.
The Census Bureau has begun mailing informational materials inviting local, state and tribal governments to participate in LUCA.
The Census Bureau is releasing this plan five years prior to the 2020 Census - three years earlier than released for the last census.
As the government cabinet confirmed, a meeting about the census has been scheduled for Wednesday yet government sources say that the resignations of the State Census Commission members will only be accepted at the meeting and it will be concluded that for the time being there are no conditions for a census, which is why the operation needs to be cancelled.
There is no reason for Macedonians to register us when there are already Albanian census workers," stated Dauti.
A coalition of dozens of Iranian-American organizations has been urging Iranian-Americans to write in their ethnicity as the answer to Question #9 on the 2010 Census, which is now underway.
The goal of the 2010 Census is to count all residents living in the United States on April 1, 2010.
January 22, 2008 (KHARTOUM) -- The commission of the monitoring and follow-up of the fifth population census today has expected that the census results will be available in the second week of February 2008.
2006 community profiles, census year 2006 (update).
Until recently, CCRC marketing campaigns focused on independent living--the census gateway to higher levels of care.
In order to distinguish the underlying employment trends from the effects of Census 2000 hiring, the affected BLS employment estimates must be adjusted in each of the months in which intermittent census employees are hired
As a student wrapped up in cramming for exams, and thinking about what to do after college, you may think that Census 2000 is something that will not have a great impact on your life.