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Synonyms for censure

Synonyms for censure

to find fault with

to feel or express strong disapproval of

Synonyms for censure

harsh criticism or disapproval

the state of being excommunicated

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The censuring of Ana Jara by a large majority of the Congress had as one of its main objectives to seek negotiation with the government.
There are no procedures in the board's bylaws or its rules of conduct for either censuring commissioners or prohibiting such a move, EWEB spokesman Lance Robertson said.
81) Like Senator Southard in 1834,(82) these Republicans implicitly distinguished between disagreeing with the President's conduct and actually censuring him.
Senate Republican leader Trent Lott floated the idea of censuring President Clinton, if there was insufficient evidence to impeach him, in an interview in which he also called on Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr to wrap up his investigation quickly.
He also thinks it is not appropriate for the Senate to be in the business of censuring a president for any disagreement that Congress has with him.
Entitled "Time for Facts, Not Resolutions," it scolded Senator Russ Feingold for having the temerity to call for censuring Bush.
That motion would acknowledge the Senate hasn't enough votes to convict Clinton but that the impeachment by the House was the severest form of censuring him.
Tom Daschle, the minority leader, said flatly Tuesday that there were not enough votes for conviction in the Senate to remove President Clinton from office, but there was bipartisan support for censuring him.
A handful of moderate Republicans who voted to impeach President Clinton appealed to the Senate on Monday to consider censuring the president instead of convicting him, as many lawmakers scrambled to find a way to avoid a lengthy, embarrassing Senate trial.
Committee Democrats spent half of Saturday pushing a harshly worded resolution censuring Clinton as their preferred alternative to impeachment.