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a monument built to honor people whose remains are interred elsewhere or whose remains cannot be recovered


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Primarily, it is the duty of the grandson Devraj Singh to raise the cenotaph in the memory of his grandmother as his son is not alive.
30am to the Cenotaph outside the municipal buildings.
It is also heart-warming to see that in addition to the free transport the Longlands Club is providing a free buffet, tea and coffee for war veterans when the coach returns from the Cenotaph.
The council does clean the cenotaphs every year before Remembrance Sunday but anything over and above that can be very expensive - it can cost up to pounds 15 a letter to add a name.
ON Sunday, June 24, I had the honour to lay a wreath on behalf of Loftus and District Ex-servicemen at Loftus cenotaph to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the end of the Falklands conflict, and it was very moving.
euro]e poppies are a symbol of remembrance and they do look beautiful around the cenotaph," he said.
Unfortunately, there were few British Asian councillors in attendance at Middlesbrough cenotaph on Sunday - or last year.
for more Remembrance " At the Five Lamps Cenotaph in Waterloo, Jack Colbert, a former rifleman who served in Northern Ireland, read the Act of Remembrance on behalf of the Royal British Legion.
George Cenotaph which underwent a $42,000 makeover this year.
Cenotaphs such as this one serve as lasting reminders of the achievements and contributions of those men and women who served their country and made the ultimate sacrifice, said MP McColeman.
Cenotaphs serve only memory; perhaps the jar in the display case is just such a vessel for memory.
Even after two years, the Maharani Ki Chhatri (queens' cenotaphs) in the ancient old walled city, the place where the queens of Jaipur were cremated and where Rajmata was laid looks barren without a cenotaph of the queen of glamour and romance who was described by Vogue magazine as one of the most beautiful women of the world in the early 50s.
Past and current servicemen and women joined politicians, cadets, Scouts, Guides and others at services in churches and at Cenotaphs from Anglesey to Wrexham.
The Reliquaries of Trees": The reliquaries of trees / are sapling bone chainlink suspended, / lawn stump rooting pipe dry, / avenues tuning-forked to power lines, / patchwork arcanum of mountainside / (when seen from above) / and the sawdust cenotaphs of lumberyards--// where the woods mob in unruly, / try to see past the wind's shoulders / to where the kill site was, / crowd at the edge of roads laid to tell them / there's nothing to see here, nothing to see, / rub rooftops for a blessing pray, / and queue for the time of their own haunting.