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a monument built to honor people whose remains are interred elsewhere or whose remains cannot be recovered


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One reader, Mr Vic Wills, also criticised council chiefs for letting organisers set up the M&D's ride on stairs of the cenotaph at Paisley Cross, following the recent remembrance commemoration.
It's been the subject of social media posts, and local resident Graham Marsh said: "The essence of some heated debate this week has been the continued abuse and disrespect of Aberdare's cenotaph by some businesses and residents who obviously have no regard for what our cenotaph represents - the darkest of times in our history and the bravest of people.
Anne-Jane said on social media: "Just before 5pm, we were walking past the cenotaph at the bottom of Cromwell Road.
And while they were standing at the Cenotaph their plans to upgrade Trident - to threaten the world with nuclear missiles vastly more lethal than those they have now - are going ahead.
Remembrance services held elsewhere in Merseyside included Huyton Cenotaph in Knowsley.
Cracks in the cenotaph wall had appeared and elderly residents had also said they were afraid when walking along a slope and path to reach the memorial.
Rated 72 coming into the contest, Cenotaph was up against a pair of three-year-old rivals with superior ratings, but it was clear Donnacha O'Brien had any amount in hand when launching his challenge and his mount sauntered clear of Flowerhill Nova and Atlas.
A statement released yesterday by the corporation said the Cenotaph was "at no point" intended to feature in the segment filmed on location around central London.
A statement by the corporation said the Cenotaph was "at no point" intended to feature in the segment.
In Burford, ceremonies begin at the same time at the Burford Cenotaph along with a march to and from the Burford Legion.
SICK vandals desecrated a Midland cenotaph - as the nation remembered the fallen heroes of the First World War.
Mairtin O Muilleoir made history by taking part in a two-minute silence for the war dead at the cenotaph at City Hall.
I commend the South Dumfries Historical Society for taking the initiative and leading the restoration project of this cenotaph.
The cenotaph is crowned with a dome, from which a small stream of water runs to the floor.
At Whitehall's Cenotaph memorial the monarch laid the first wreath to commemorate members of the Armed Forces who died fighting in all conflicts since the First World War.