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The Jew is not just, or not securely, the polemicized Other, but a figure for the highest cenobitic aspiration--love of the Word--and for the ever present temptations of individual will and flesh that distract the monk and threaten his relation to the community.
Later apologists for cenobitic living also recognized a parallel between the polis and the monastic community.
In the context of cenobitic monasticism, the classic work on spiritual direction is St.
For Basil, evangelical poverty and charity were conflated in a cenobitic ideal that he came close to making a general moral standard.
Bentley him self mocks Ambrose's cenobitic ideal, referring to a Daily Mirror article on present-day English cottage life and averring "'for the life of me, Ambrose, I couldn't see the difference between that young gentleman and Yuan Ts'e-tsung'" (177).
3) This reference appears in "Constellations," the penultimate poem of the volume: "the caravan of exiles has camped in the valley/of cenobitic blue spruce" (p.
On his return to Jerusalem, Sabas and Theodosius, the leader of the cenobitic communities in Palestine, took it upon themselves to address a petition directly to the emperor:
In diocesan churches, buildings tended to be either longitudinal (often with multiple sanctuaries) or centralized; while buildings for cenobitic monks, those for the idiorrhythmics, and even self-constructions for solitaries differed as one might expect, with monastic buildings being more idiosyncratic and more conservative than urban.
Most Camaldolese monasteries had both cenobitic and hermetic living arrangements, and Giustiniani and Querini, like other hermits, lived in individual huts and probably did not participate in the communal recitation of daily prayers or other customary forms of communal work.
In 383, Evagrius settled in Nitria, a large cenobitic monastery at the desert's edge, some 40 miles from Alexandria.