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a specialized bony substance covering the root of a tooth

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This may explain why the cementum does not resorb and provides insight as to how this tissue protects and holds teeth in place.
Therapeutic methods may involve tissue engineering to regenerate the alveolar bone, cementum, periodontal ligament and finally prevent recurrence of the disease.
The GTR membrane was usually designed to promote new cementum formation and connective tissue fiber attachment, but having average pore size less than about 5 pm to ensure the cell occlusion by blocking the ingrowth of epithelial cells.
Although age can be reasonably predicted by AW for males, and WW and FDW for moose of both sexes, cementum annuli aging remains the most accurate method for determining age.
At the same time, a large amount of new cementum was evidently found in Icariin-treated groups (Fig.
The term bone fill is used purposefully instead of new attachment (new bone, new cementum, new periodontal ligament and new connective tissue) because only histological examination will confirm, whether there is new attachment occur or not.
we determined age to the exact year using cementum annuli (Keiss, 1969) from an extracted upper canine.
The oldest free-ranging deer with age determined from counts of cementum annuli was a 20-year-old female in New York state (Sauer, 1984).
The ACAD scientists also found that cementum, the coating of the root, was a richer source of DNA.
These merge with areas of cemental islands in a vascular stroma with prominent characteristic radiating columns of cementum running perpendicular to the surface of the lesion.
Acronyms used in Study I and Study II Alveolar bone AB Bone marrow BM Fibrous connective tissue FCT Grafted area GA Grafted material GM Granulation tissue GT Harversian lamellae HL Infiltrated connective tissues ICT Instrumented root surface IRS Junctional epithelium JE Multinuclear giant cells MGC Newly formed bone NB Newly formed cementum NC Osteocyte OC Periodontal ligament-like structure PLS Periosteum PO Trabecular bone TB Woven bone WB
The tusk of an elephant has three distinct regions: pulp cavity in the centre, dentine in the middle and cementum in the outmost border.
Price also found that bacteria present in the roots of the teeth and cementum were also present in the first few millimeters of adjacent bone in the jaw.
An earlier work by Pender et al (19) did not describe any paravascular location but identified two distinct progenitor connective tissue cell populations in the rat gingiva; one population was located in the mid papilla region and the other close to the epithelial attachment and cementum.
Precision and utility of cementum annuli for estimating ages of fishers.