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a chemical compound that is a constituent of steel and cast iron

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Spheroidizing annealed SCM420 showed a large number of microvoids in the interface between cementite and ferrite.
It is believed that this increase, which will happen when heating a carbon steel at 285[degrees]C, is due to the structure which becomes more homogenized accompanied with a slight increase in cementite that resulted in higher hardness.
This decrease in tensile strength may be attributed to the fragmentation of cementite particles, which causes the pearlite to lose particles and; as a result, decrease the number of sliding obstacles.
It can be seen in the SEM microstructure images that there are no residual cementite particles observed in the microstructures as an indication of inhomogeneous austenitization.
Standard rail steel has a predominantly pearlitic structure with a nearly eutectoid content of carbon and fine plates of pearlitic cementite.
About stability of cementite in melts", Metals Science and Heat Treatment, Vol.
A so called ribbon-like method was proposed for measuring particles for discrimination lamellae from spheroids of cementite particles in pearlitic steels (Nutal et al, 2010).
It shows that the matrix phases before melting are graphite, cementite and [alpha]-Fe.
Such sites exhibit lower hydrogen overvoltage than either cementite or iron.
According to the GOST 5640-59 standard, steel 08kp can contain structurally free cementite [Fe.
Other subjects are carbon diffusion in cementite, diffusion of interstitial elements in Ti alloys used as biomaterials, reduction kinetics of iron ore materials by gases, specific features of Jahn-Teller structure phase transitions in nanocrystalline materials, and experimental studies of kiwi and pear fruit in ice-temperature storage.
The Cementite or Mmartensite and the Acicular Ferrite (AF) have higher hardness than that of Polygonal Ferrite (PF) explaining the lower hardness in the weld seam center.
2008) cementite wires produced inside CNTs have recently been discovered in the blade of an ancient Damascus steel sword museum piece (Reibold et al.
The reason for such an occurrence is associated to impairment of cementite skeleton of steel, as well as to accumulation of micro-damages and micro-notches, both inside of material structure and on its surface, what resulted in local stress concentrations.
Microstructure of the metal in cross section of the rolled wire from especially low-carbon steel consists of ferrite and tertiary cementite, distributed relatively uniformly in the form of fragments of the lattice over grain boundaries.