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a clavier with strings that are plucked by plectra mounted on pivots

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The lack of a comprehensive checklist of Galuppi's works has been an additional hindrance, despite the catalogs of 103 and 123 sonatas compiled by Hedda Illy and David Pullmann, respectively (Baldassarre [sic] Galuppi, Sonate per cembalo, vol.
The cembalo part includes on the top staff the musical substance of the first violin in all tutti sections, and the interplay between solo and accompanying instruments is marked as "solo" and "tutti.
Eingerichtet fur Cembalo oder Orgel von = Set for the Harpsichord or Organ by Francesco Geminiani (1743) & Anonymous (ca.
Table 7 Details on two previously unknown music prints Catalogue Shelfmark Composer Title number 4688 3-G-21/1 st Lapis, Il passa-tempo Santo della ghitarra: in dodici ariette italiane per il canto, e l' accompagnamento con cembalo e basso continuo 8632 6-C-14 st Zur La danza : Wohnung, cantata del G C.
6 / Tre Sonate / per Cembalo, o Forte Piano / del Sig:r / Ignazio Pleyel / Libro p:mo / di me Matilde Muran Bra
New York: Schott, 1991]), Glen Wilson (Louis Couperin, Preludes non mesures fur Cembalo [Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Hartel, 2003]), and Anne Chapelin-Dubar (Les preludes non mesures de Louis Couperin [Bourg-la-Reine: A.
Sonate fur Violine und Cembalo (Viola da gamba ad lib.
Konzert in F-Dur fur Violine, Cembalo, und Streichorchester, Hob.
Instead, he hired an "anonymous engraver" on behalf of his Six sonates a violon seul of 1715, and the "accomplished" Benjamin Kenckel for his Sei suonatine per violino e cembalo and Six trio [sic] of 1718.
VI in F-Dur fur Cembalo, zwei Blockfloten und Streicher.
obligates Cembalo, Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Studia musicologica Upsaliensia, Nova series 2 [Uppsala: Almqvist u.
We have about thirty of the forty-five cembalo concertos of C.
per il cembalo concertato (Hamburg, 1772), listed in Katalog 169, item 32.
Concerto a Cembalo Solo con Viola di Gambe o Braccio C-Dur.