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Synonyms for celtuce

lettuce valued especially for its edible stems

leaves having celery-like stems eaten raw or cooked

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It may be a fish and shellfish broth flavoured with garden herbs or a refreshing blend of Celtuce, Paris Island Cos and pea.
Now if we look more carefully at the subheadings, information is provided on artichokes, asparagus, amaranth, asparagus bean, asparagus lettuce or celtuce, okra, onion, calabaza, chayote, Jicama and Luffa.
Monnier has local supporters, such as Jon Shaw at Karma Farm who grows produce and herbs such as crosne, celtuce, and kinome at Monnier's asking.
History: Celtuce originated in China and is often called Chinese lettuce in seed catalogs.
Planting: Celtuce tolerates a wide variety of soils.
Celtuce leaves wilt quickly, so pick just before a meal or store in the refrigerator.