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annual or perennial herbs or vines of tropical and subtropical America and Asia and Africa

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The dahlias, celosias, salvias, portulacas, gazanias and others take longer to produce a viable plant.
Q I bought celosia caracas bedding plants this year but they were bombarded by heavy hail and rain.
Get sowing lots of annuals, including begonias, celosias, Arctotis, alyssum, gerbera, marigolds, nemesia, bells of Ireland, Gailiardia cleome and sweet peas.
Celosias are annual flowers known commonly as cockscombs.
Contract awarded for ei prov inst celosias air extractors and needed to vent sop meeting rooms dep.
You can't miss such vivid beauties as cannas, celosias, and dahlias; the palette on page 69 offers many more choices of annuals, perennials, and bulbs and tubers, including some of the most reliable named varieties.