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a plastic made from cellulose (or a derivative of cellulose)

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Cellerate is a collaboration between Syngenta and Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of QCCP.
PHILADELPHIA, March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Renmatix, the leader in affordable cellulosic sugars, announced an investment by the New Energies Division of Total, and the signature of a joint development agreement (JDA) between Total[NYSE: TOT] and Renmatix.
But cellulosic ethanol producers fear an EPA proposal to reduce the overall renewable fuel blending requirements in 2014--an announcement that will not be made until 2015 (see related story on page 2)--could stifle growth in the industry just as it is achieving commercial viability.
Every gallon of cellulosic ethanol produced and used to fuel our vehicles reduces the impact of harmful greenhouse gas emissions by greater than 60 percent as compared to conventional gasoline," said Secretary Moniz.
It will process up to 20 tonnes of bagasse, the fibrous by-product of sugarcane juice extraction, daily into cellulosic sugars at the Brazilian firm's ethanol and sugar refinery at Sao Paolo.
Cellulosic biofuels, made from non-food crops, were supposed gradually to supplant corn ethanol in the US, as an alternative to help lower carbon emissions.
The contract has been signed to accelerate the commercialisation of its cellulosic ethanol process, and to assist in establishing a strong consumer market for the fuel.
Cellulosic ethanol, which is made from non-food crops like switchgrass and agricultural waste, is widely thought to be better for the environment than corn-based ethanol.
The cellulosic biofuel technologies become market-competitive at around $120 per barrel of crude oil.
The first component comprises an anionic detersive surfactant; carbonate, zeolite builder, phosphate builder and cellulosic polymer.
POET prepares to begin construction of its first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant at Emmetsburg, IA.
That's when American inventor Thomas Midgley proclaimed the wonders of cellulosic ethanol to the Society of Automotive Engineers in Indianapolis.
In Brief: James Palmer, associate professor of chemical engineering at Louisiana Tech University, is collaborating with fellow professors Yuri Lvov, Dale Snow, and Hisham Hegab to capitalize on the environmental and financial benefits of biofuels by using nanotechnology to further improve the cellulosic ethanol process.
Cellulosic ethanol does not compete with food production and has the potential to decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 86 percent over that of today's fossil fuels.
Dale Snow, and Hisham Hegab tried to capitalize on the environmental and financial benefits of "biofuels" by using nanotechnology to further improve the cellulosic ethanol processes.