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a chemical reaction in which water reacts with a compound to produce other compounds

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Enumeration and activity of cellulolytic bacteria from gestating swine fed various levels of dietary fiber.
This situation requires an extensive washing after pretreatment process in order to provide optimum condition for saccharification process by cellulolytic fungi or bacteria.
It has been reported that the utilization of microbial community composed of one cellulolytic bacterium and another non-cellulolytic bacterium or comprising of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria could degrade cellulosic materials effectively [27].
1) reported the use of cellulolytic enzymes of Trichoderma lignorum in the saccharification of banana agrowaste.
Fungal growth on the wood surface can be expected to increase the permeability of the wood, as several mold and bluestain fungi have cellulolytic abilities and can degrade pit tori (Eaton and Hale 1993).
Application of Neurospora crassa in solid waste management: As the effective and efficient producers of cellulolytic enzymes, it becomes one of the major organisms for the lignocellulosic solid waste biomass utilization.
However, in subterranean clover, cellulose is not highly lignified and is readily digested by a diverse cellulolytic community in the rumen (Freer and Jones 1984).
Mike Ladisch, speaking at the 31st Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals in San Francisco, offered proof of concept for the company's CBP work, including advances with both bacteria that grow at high temperatures, called thermophiles, and recombinant cellulolytic yeasts.
Institut Francais du Petrole (Rueil Malmaison Cedex, France) has patented a process for producing cellulolytic and/or hemicellulolytic enzymes uses the residue from the ethanolic fermentation of enzymatic hydrolyzates of cellulosic or ligno-cellulosic materials.
The cellulolytic activities were determined by the colorimetric method of (16) using the DNS-reagent.
1990) cellulolytic activities of Chaetomiom globosum on different celulosic substrates.
This increase in acidity destroys protozoa, cellulolytic organisms, and lactate-utilizing organisms all of which normally inhabit the rumen, and impairs rumen motility.
Due to the activity of lignolytic fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium and cellulolytic fungus Trichoderma viride, carbon minerilization and oxidation occurs in sugarcane bagasse during biodegradation (with in 60 days ).
Both cellulose and hemicellulose as such are highly susceptible to the action of cellulolytic microbes.
It is a strong cellulolytic mold that grows at temperatures from 2[degrees]C to 400[degrees]c (optimally at 23-27[degrees]C).