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Synonyms for celluloid

highly flammable substance made from cellulose nitrate and camphor

artificial as if portrayed in a film


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Author of the seminal gay and lesbian film studies text, The Celluloid Closest (1981), Russo's identification and analysis of trends in Hollywood representations of gay and lesbian characters was one of the first texts of its kind and "almost single-handedly invented the field of gay and lesbian media studies"(3).
In addition, the proportions of 35mm celluloid images and a typical movie screen do not match, so images must be adjusted with special lenses when projected.
Demand for celluloid "peaked" in 2008, says IHS, when the world used 13billion feet of film.
In a vivid new book, Celluloid Activist: The Life and Times of Vito Russo (University of Wisconsin Press, $29.
Cellulose nitrate was first discovered in the 1840s and was developed under various names such as parkesine, xylonite and ivoride, as well as celluloid.
On the first model, traditional celluloid is used for the cap and a technologically advanced material such as carbon fibre is used for the body.
G&LR: The Celluloid Closet is certainly a film that has held up over the years.
When Goldfine and Geller first contemplated the project, they had no idea that the Ballets Russes had generated a huge celluloid legacy.
A DVD night-in with the buds could be your celluloid solution.
Instead of paying a courier to ship big spools of celluloid to 25,000 North American theatres, the software delivers the digital files by satellite.
A canon has been firmed up, and Jutra, Donald Shebib, Denys Arcand (who has three in the Top 10), Atom Egoyan (who has three in the Top 20), David Cronenberg, Michel Brault and Francis Mankiewicz constitute a septet of our finest celluloid masters.
Celluloid mortar increment containers--Austria GammatTitanium sheets--Austria
Until then, however, Latin America's traditional TV viewers will have to stick to ordinary programming schedules or head out to the theaters for a hit of celluloid escapism.