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lumpy deposits of body fat especially on women's thighs etc

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At this stage, cellulite can develop from a cosmetic problem into a medical condition known as lipedema.
In September 2011, the UK arm launched Cellulaze - for thelong term removal of cellulite.
Fortunately, major scientific discoveries have uncovered the factors that cause cellulite.
The most effective way to treat cellulite is through diet and exercise.
Women suffer more from cellulite than men, b ecause the cells in our subcutaneous fat layer are upright while men's are organised into small slanting units which store smaller fat quantities.
A comment to The Baltic Times Web site regarding the article "Combating cellulite.
The CelluliteDX test is most appropriate for women who have not yet developed moderate to severe cellulite and may have a family history of cellulite," explained DermaGenoma CEO Andy Goren.
Yes, I have cellulite - that's no secret," the Daily Mail quoted 26-year-old saying as the new face of Nivea Good-bye Cellulite Hello Bikini
Cellfina is a single, in-office, 60-minute treatment with a local anesthetic and limited downtime that lasts at least two years offering significant improvement of orange peel like cellulite on the buttocks and thighs.
Cellulite is the appearance of normal fatty deposits under the skin, where the fat is pressed against the connective tissue which gives the dimpled, orange peel, appearance.
Running, swimming and brisk walking will help tackle cellulite
THANKS to endless hours spent on office chairs and many nights dedicated to couch surfing, cellulite has found a comfy home in our bodies.