cellular respiration

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the metabolic processes whereby certain organisms obtain energy from organic molecules

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1) Aging phenomenon: The aging process leads to transference of the balance of DOM vis-a-vis oxygen consumption due to cellular respiration to the next category, no sooner than the age of the terrestrial organism crosses the boundary of demarcation
While less well-known, this latter type of cellular respiration is no less important, fuelling the production of most of the world's nitrous oxide (N2O), an ozone depleting and greenhouse gas 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
And in its role in transporting electrons during the cellular respiration process, CoQ10 enables every cell in the body to produce energy.
Cellular respiration and the resulting consequences of this process is not a new theory that apparently is just now emerging but in fact a very old story.
Cellular respiration carries electrons from food to oxygen, in what amounts to a controlled burn.
The complex contains more than 40 different proteins, marks the entry to cellular respiration and is thus also called mitochondrial complex I.
include cellular respiration, enzyme kinetics, photosynthesis, transpiration.
Students often resort to memorization and recall when learning about cellular respiration.
Sugar beets continue to breathe after they're picked, using their stored sugars to fuel this cellular respiration.
Alternatively, sugars and proteins can be processed in cellular structures called mitochondria to release greater amounts of ATP through a more efficient process called cellular respiration.
The XF Analyzers are revealing unexpected information about cellular respiration of cells that was not possible to attain before," noted John Lemasters, Director of the Center for Cell Death, Injury and Regeneration at the Medical University of South Carolina.
Most normal, healthy cells get the majority of their energy by using oxygen--in a process called cellular respiration (oxidative phosphorylation) that takes place in the mitochondria.
Bound to a protein, heme plays a role in a range of functions, including cellular respiration, energy generation and chemical oxidation.
Under development for more than seven years, the SEABAC system includes surface cleaning with pH-controlled water and cellular matrix manipulation, cellular respiration and dormancy processes to rid foodborne bacteria.
Biology concepts from homeostasis to Hardy-Weinberg, from natural selection to cellular respiration filled our classrooms with the stuff of biology.
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