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a large stringed instrument

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Besides his own compositions and transcriptions, it offers the series if Bach was a cellist, which lives the fantasy that everything Bach wrote was intended for the cello.
Two years later, he switched to cello, which had stayed his life passion ever since and he was accepted to the Junior Academy of Sibelius Academy when he was ten.
Julian admits: "If we weren't husband and wife, if we hadn't got married, I don't think it would necessarily have occurred to me to start looking around and making arrangements for two cellos.
But ensemble intonation was a problem, not just in the Sibelius, but also in the Dvorak Cello Concerto (this was a cello-based evening, the Sibelius' solo cello demands efficiently delivered by Sara Greenwood).
If it was that penny dropping in his physicist's brain that started Fraser on his journey, it was encountering Haas - then an 11-year-old cello student he was teaching at a workshop - that helped give him a revolutionary direction.
All nine are from the cello section of the Huddersfield Philharmonic led by Wendy Davies.
AMSTERDAM, December 20 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 30, 2007 the first complete catalogue of cello music was published in the Netherlands: A Cellist's Companion: A Comprehensive Catalogue of Cello Literature.
One of the cellos belongs to a student from Germany, and the other belongs to another foreign student.
That's because, since his autumn chat with the Daily Post, civil servants have stopped insisting cellos are stashed in cargo holds on flights, rather than carried on as hand luggage.
Also, I thought it would make a great arrangement for four cellos.
Antonio Stradivari's string instruments (he made about 1000 of which some 600 survive) are not just violins, guitars and cellos but 'works of art, bringing together utility and aesthetics in a way that no other object can quite match'.
YOUNG musicians from Kenilworth got into the festive spirit this week when their cellos went Christmas crackers.
Few will be so brave as to prepare their cellos the way Casterede demands, especially when the piece itself offers nothing to recommend it.
The sounds that the Demenga brothers achieve, combining their two cellos with their two voices, are haunting and expressive.
Also being shown is the Gofriller Solo Cello, which sounds like one of the best cellos ever made.