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a large stringed instrument

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But airline officials responded to the cello protests Wednesday, saying the double fee for the musicians was a booking error.
At CellOS Software, our vision is to enable big data monetization and improved network intelligence for the communications networks of tomorrow.
We view MapR as an ideal partner that fits our focus on providing real-time solutions for a streaming database, said Kamlesh Patel, the CEO of CellOS Software.
The Eugene-Springfield Youth Orchestra initially only had 19 cellos available.
Besides his own compositions and transcriptions, it offers the series if Bach was a cellist, which lives the fantasy that everything Bach wrote was intended for the cello.
Julian admits: "If we weren't husband and wife, if we hadn't got married, I don't think it would necessarily have occurred to me to start looking around and making arrangements for two cellos.
All nine are from the cello section of the Huddersfield Philharmonic led by Wendy Davies.
That's because, since his autumn chat with the Daily Post, civil servants have stopped insisting cellos are stashed in cargo holds on flights, rather than carried on as hand luggage.
Antonio Stradivari's string instruments (he made about 1000 of which some 600 survive) are not just violins, guitars and cellos but 'works of art, bringing together utility and aesthetics in a way that no other object can quite match'.
YOUNG musicians from Kenilworth got into the festive spirit this week when their cellos went Christmas crackers.
Few will be so brave as to prepare their cellos the way Casterede demands, especially when the piece itself offers nothing to recommend it.
In the following years, the band released three albums (Plays Metallica By Four Cellos in 1996, Inquisition Symphony in 1998 and Cult in 2000).
a duet-cum-dialogue between the two with a rather lovely orchestral opening for strings who kept up a melodic but vaguely troubling shimmer while Sollima and Aasgaard's cellos sparred (frenetic, competitive passages) and sang together in harmony.