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someone who plays a violoncello

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British cellist Jacob Shaw first reached out to the U.
The cellist went on to attend the University College of Wales in Cardiff where he studied with Welsh musician George Isaac.
In the Daily Telegraph, Julian Lloyd Webber called him "probably the greatest cellist of all time.
Cellist Grace Band(it) mates " During last month's party conference, Grace gave a rallying speech at the Young Labour event, and tells 3am she is proud that the musicians have helped "do away with the prejudice that politics is for old white men only" and engage younger voters through their support of the Labour leader.
Over recent years she has developed into one of the world's leading cellists and erhuists.
In the last rehearsal, German-Korean cellist Isang Enders made something mesmerizing out of the killer Dmitri Shostakovich concerto.
Lidstrom's compilation of orchestral excerpts for Boosey & Hawkes, The Orchestral Cellist, prompted the founding of his own publishing company CelloLid.
Rather, he describes how a cellist who is "historically aware" might approach the performance of this music, playing, for example, the "feminine" second theme of the first movement very freely, with a less highly projected tone and no clear sense of direction.
Cellist | The second preview event is on Thursday, July 9, at Huddersfield Town Hall.
He will be joined on stage by his cellist wife Jiaxin Lloyd Webber, and by pian W -ist Pam Chowhan, to perform work from across his varied, high-profile career.
The world renowned cellist, pictured, comes to town on Tuesday February 24 with a historical and musical journey of his life and career.
The concert featured the renowned Czech orchestra with conductor Jakub Hrusa and Canadian-German cellist Johannes Moser.
In what promises to be a rare opportunity to learn more about the renowned cellist and conductor - younger brother of famous composer Andrew - the evening at Darlington Civic Theatre will feature a lively blend of stories and music.
The Cathedral choirs will provide the music and will be joined by harpist Mared Emlyn and Cellist Nichola Pearce (lead Cellist for Ensemble Cymru).
30pm on Thursday, September 25, will feature some of Lyndon's musical friends including pianists John Lill, Di Xiaom and John Lenehan; violinists Alicja Smietana and Tasmin Little, and cellist Jiaxin Lloyd Webber.