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sideboard with compartments for holding bottles


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There was the old cellaret with nothing in it, lined with lead, like a sort of coffin in compartments; there was the old dark closet, also with nothing in it, of which he had been many a time the sole contents, in days of punishment, when he had regarded it as the veritable entrance to that bourne to which the tract had found him galloping.
Interestingly, Sheraton didn't distinguish between cellarets and wine cisterns in his Cabinet Dictionary of 1803.
Early Georgian sideboards, rather like side tables without the cupboards below, had cellarets installed instead, some even having two installed on either side.
As tea caddies and teapoys were fitted with locks from the start, so too were cellarets, because their contents were so easily removed without additional measures of security.
DESIRABLE: This lovely 19th century mahogany cellaret in the George III style has fan paterae, line and chequer inlaid dome top with fitted brass side carrying handles.