cell-mediated immune response

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an immune response (chiefly against viral or fungal invasions or transplanted tissue) that involves T cells

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Cell-mediated immunity was considered positive when the net increase was >0.
Most patients with CMC have a selective defect of cell-mediated immunity.
Mantoux testing elicits a delayed hypersensitivity reaction to a previously sensitized antigen (a T-lymphocyte function), and it is generally accepted as a valid in vivo indicator of a patient's level of cell-mediated immunity.
To test this hypothesis we considered that the adverse immunotoxic effects of PRN exposure on cell-mediated immunity might be observed in one or more of three parameters: a) presentation of peptide antigen to CTLs by antigen-presenting cells (APCs), b) proliferation and differentiation of CTLs, and/or c) functional lytic response of activated CTL effectors.
The Society's MS Lesion Project is following clues that antibody-mediated immunity is at work in MS destruction in some people, while T cell-mediated immunity affects others.
The accreditation will enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide to seamlessly incorporate ProImmune's GLP, as well as GCP (Good Clinical Practice), compliant services, such as cell-mediated immunity assays, into their preclinical and clinical development programs, with the confidence that the data will fully meet the different international regulatory submission requirements.
The Company's unique technology provides an innovative platform allowing detection of cell-mediated immunity.
They are not talking about more chemotherapy to kill off remaining cancer cells; rather, they recommend making choices that lessen cell-mediated immunity suppression due to surgery.
Our hypothesis, based on the application of data collected by other researchers, suggests that cell-mediated immunity, as opposed to antibody-mediated immunity, may play a key role in lowering the disease-causing ability, or pathogenicity, of the 2009 H1N1 influenza," added Xing.
ImmuKnow is an immune cell function assay that can detect cell-mediated immunity (CMI) in adult patient populations undergoing immunosuppressive therapy for organ transplantation by measuring the concentration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) released from CD4 cells following cell stimulation.
Although the immune system changes are not well understood, a shift from cell-mediated immunity toward humoral immunity is believed to occur.
002% of the genome coding sequence to recognize, researchers in a range of medical specialties explore how pathogen molecules are converted to molecules that are targets for cell-mediated immunity, the binding of processed peptides to major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules, and the role of the pathogen itself in modifying the immune response by interfering with antigen processing and the downstream immune responses.
Older adults, a fast-growing population in the United States, are the population most susceptible to the disease, which is believed to be associated with an age-related decline in cell-mediated immunity to latent varicella-zoster virus (N.
Most, if not all, are vaccines that induce cell-mediated immunity (CMI), but for more than 20 years, I have argued that a vaccine candidate must approach or realize complete blockade of HIV inflection at the site of cell entry.
Documentation has already been established that cell-mediated immunity is depressed in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
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