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call up by using a cellular phone

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He outlined that the cell phone disabling software was already in use in the United Kingdom.
The problem of cell phone misuse in the classroom is significant because of the potential negative influence on teaching and learning 4.
Cell Phone technicians were some of the first to offer iPhone repair since they first became available on the market.
DA: How can administrators promote cell phone use in class while keeping students from unacceptable uses?
The Environmental Protection Agency is counting on Americans to help protect the environment by recycling their unwanted cell phones.
Those who opt to can have event notices and guest speaker information sent directly in text format to the cell phone instead.
Cutting edge cell phone technology is no use to Bornestein, who said he never uses his monthly allotment of 30 anytime minutes.
Should Apple come out with its own iPod cell phone, as many have predicted, the "movie phone" will be the one to watch.
IDC, a global provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the information technology and telecommunications industries, said that it expected by the end of 2005, the world's cell phone subscribers would total more than 1.
Since cell phones are used increasingly by health personnel worldwide, we sought to determine their role in nosocomial transmission of multidrug-resistant (MDR) A.
Overall, respondents reported that 67 percent of household members under the age of 18 had a cell phone.
New technology known as Enhanced 911 pinpoints cell phone locations using one of two methods: global positioning system chips that communicate with satellites or software that triangulates a phone's position using signals sent to cell towers.
It all started last April, when the youngsters heard a news report about a Massachusetts soldier who ran up $7,600 in cell phone charges while calling home from Iraq.
If you have a laptop, cell phone, or other gadget that is enabled with Bluetooth technology, beware of getting "snarfed"--that is what it's called when all the data on your device, including phone numbers, addresses, calendars, who you called and who called you, is stolen and copied onto another person's gadget.