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call up by using a cellular phone

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Chart Sales Volumes of Brazilian Cell Phone Market, 2003-2008
Teams of roaming cowboys will round up retired cell phones throughout the city and provide residents with postage-paid envelopes that make cell phone recycling free and easy.
There are already numerous lawsuits claiming cancer from cell phone use.
For the parents of Julio Esquivel, 17, of Guatemala City, the answer was to buy their son a cell phone.
Instead, it accesses the Web through your cell phone, stashed with your jacket in a nearby closet, and could have done so just as easily through the car's hands-free phone.
The explosion of cell phone use is simply a reflection of the genetically scripted human inclination to huddle in groups.
CellAntenna, experts in combating cell phone threats, has introduced a new cell phone detection solution designed to prevent accidents caused by locomotive engineers, bus drivers and other heavy equipment operators making calls or sending text messages while on the job.
com will provide overseas customers a safe and reliable shopping channel on the internet, thanks to the export of advanced cell phones abroad with both reasonable costs and trustworthy cell phone suppliers.
Cell Phone Dallas provides Nexus One repair at a cheaper price than even any other Cell Phone Repair Center.
Most people can purchase an ear bud for their cell phone for less than the cost of one tank of gas.
The study was conducted in the Western Australian city of Perth, where cell phone records could be obtained and drivers in crashes were highly cooperative.
And police in Georgia used a cell phone photo taken by an exposure victim to charge a former high school principal with public indecency.
Calling all motorists: Using a hands-free cell phone while driving markedly interferes with the ability to maneuver a vehicle safely, according to several new tests.
Should I get another landline for my company or choose a cell phone as my second line?
BellSouth gives new meaning to "www," introducing Latin America's first cell phone Web service.