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It's long been established that the shape and size of the cell nucleus change dramatically during a cell's life.
Spector and colleagues began by observing the location within the cell nucleus of various genes known to be important in stem cells.
Most HDACs are activated in the cell nucleus but HDAC6 mainly affect the cell function outside the cell nucleus.
The mitochondria contain around 13 genes compared with an estimated 23,000 in the cell nucleus.
8 million MAGSELECTOFECTION study showed once nanoparticles enter a cell, they move randomly until collected by proteins, which take them to the cell nucleus.
The Phospho-STAT3 marker that translocates to the cell nucleus upon activation plays a key role in many cellular processes such as cell growth and apoptosis.
When progesterone binds to the receptor, it sends a signal that's transferred to the cell nucleus.
The only way in which a perfect match can be obtained by cloning is by using a somatic cell nucleus from a woman and transferring its nucleus into an oocyte from that same woman.
Strands of DNA in the cell nucleus are millions of times longer than those in the mitochondrion, so the project may take a couple of years.
Eighteen chapters review the literature regarding the ultrastructure of chromosome territories within the cell nucleus, the organization of the genome for its duplication and spatio-temporal regulation of DNA replication, the molecular machineries of cell mitosis, the architecture of gene domains and epigenetic regulation, the composition of transcription factories, the cotranscriptional processing of pre-mRNAs, the nuclear duties of the nucleolus, the structure of PML nuclear bodies and their dynamic protein constituents, the structure and functions of the Cajal Body, the interchromosomal domain compartment, the association of nuclear structure and function with various diseases, and a small group of new live cell and fluorescence imaging techniques.
Once synthesized, retinoic acid enters the cell nucleus.
Blastocyst: After the nucleus of a somatic cell is inserted into the place of the evacuated egg cell nucleus, the resulting cell begins to grow and divide.
the transfer of a human somatic cell nucleus into a human or animal egg;
The government should ban the transplant of a cell nucleus, which carries the genetic information of a human cell, into an unfertilized egg that had its original nucleus removed, it said.
Doctors could take a skin cell nucleus and implant it in an enucleated human egg, resetting the cell's DNA.