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Estrogen receptors - or molecular "docking points" for the hormone - usually are found in the cell nucleus.
Moreover, synergy with late-acting strand transfer inhibitors most likely originates from the early anti-IN effect of SQLs which act before viral DNA can reach the cell nucleus, thus reinforcing the interest for this novel antiviral mechanism.
A gene therapy vector is used to deliver a therapeutic gene or a portion of DNA into a cell nucleus similar to how a syringe is used to inject medicines.
He has identified DNA markers not from the cell nucleus, as Molbo does, but from mitochondria, the cell powerhouses.
The researchers say that their finding that the egg cell can extend the telomeres of a fertilising sperm cell attains significance for the development of stem cell therapy, which involves replacing the cell nucleus in unfertilised egg with a nucleus from a somatic cell that has come from a patient who needs a stem cell transplantation.
Most loops of DNA thrown into a cell nucleus will be eliminated within a few days.
Previously it was known to work in the cell nucleus by regulating key cellular processes such as cell cycle control, cell death and DNA repair.
During 6 to 12 days of observation, the plasmids induced the cells to produce the Math 1 protein, which turns on or off other genes in the cell nucleus.
Allis' research explores the intricacies of chromatin, the DNA-protein complex that efficiently packages the genetic information inside each cell nucleus.
Mitochondria, the energy-producing organelles within cells, carry a small number of genes separate from those in the cell nucleus.
The first step is to create holes in the donor cell membrane (permeabilize) to provide direct access to the cell nucleus.
Further results point to the nucleolus--the part of the cell nucleus where the machinery for producing proteins is made--as a center for aging-related activities.
They also found that the compact nucleus of the bone marrow cell expanded over time to take on the appearance of the more loosely packed Purkinje cell nucleus.
Crammed into a cell nucleus only a few micrometers wide, DNA must fold and coil itself into a remarkably compact configuration without getting tangled and without losing its ability to replicate and to perform other vital functions.
Introducing useful traits into chloroplasts is a significant improvement over the more common method of transforming plants through the cell nucleus.