celestial pole

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one of two points of intersection of the Earth's axis and the celestial sphere


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The comet then travels north between Hercules and Bootes, into Draco and passes within a few degrees of the north celestial pole on Jan 7 before heading away via Cepheus and Camelopardalis.
The north celestial pole is very close to Polaris, the North Star.
37) Given the early focus on the celestial pole in early Chinese astronomy, it would be surprising if the inconstancy of such a highly symbolic location did not register with observers in the Chinese Bronze Age.
Apart from obvious impediments that could occur--overcast sky conditions, storms--there was the tiresome fact that in the fifteenth century the Star was not, as today, within the 1[degrees] of the celestial pole, butseveral degrees off, and noticeably appeared to rotate with the other circumpolar stars.
The south celestial pole is located midway between Crux and Achernar, the star marking the southern end of Eridanus (the River).
In the north Ursa Major lies to the west of the celestial pole and is beginning its descent towards the horizon.
Skywatchers in the Northern Hemisphere are expected to have a clear view of the comet because it will initially appear high in the sky, near the north celestial pole, all night.
The latitude of an observer on earth is the altitude of the north or south celestial pole.
Ideal aiming directions are about 20-30[degrees] to one side of the radiant at 50[degrees] altitude above the horizon--Cygnus in the early evening, the Square of Pegasus later in the night, or towards the north celestial pole, for best results.
Because of its unique position very close to the north celestial pole, Polaris has attracted more attention over the years than other stars of comparable brightness.
The star chart below can be used for checking the limiting magnitude around the south celestial pole with the naked eye.
The star chart above can be used for checking the limiting magnitude around the South celestial pole with the naked eye.
This chart shows the stars around the south celestial pole.