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navigating according to the positions of the stars

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Being knowledgeable on celestial navigation is important for the Navy because computers are always vulnerable to hackers and to breaking down.
Trygve (left) and Magnus Halvorsen left their mark on Sydney Hobart history thanks to their pioneering yacht designs and sailing skills, including celestial navigation.
Celestial Navigation in the GPS Age appears in a revised, expanded edition tailored for navigation in the GPS age.
He had to guard against this when calculating figures for celestial navigation to make his journeys across the world's oceans.
His plan was to use celestial navigation to keep the flight on course until it was within range of Itasca.
It takes a lot of courage," he says, "for a mother and father of three little boys to build a 50-foot sailboat and say, 'We are going to sail halfway around the world by celestial navigation, the same way Columbus did.
The other four levels of certification are for more advanced skills such as offshore passage making and celestial navigation.
The students were on the trip to learn blue-water sailing skills such as celestial navigation.
Another form of navigation, also used by navigators today, is celestial navigation.
Jackson awoke my interests in science and math, and Miss Wood "fired-me-up" about mathematics by loaning me a marvelous book on celestial navigation when I took trigonometry.
Students learn the ancient art of celestial navigation, with classroom instruction below decks during the day and star-sighting practice at night.
Like the huge sea turtles who use some mysterious kind of celestial navigation to find the same beaches to bury their eggs and hatch their next generation, Shad finds his way home to the Dabneys, the Virginia family who long ago owned him as their slave.
Grace Farrell offers a psychological reading of Celestial Navigation as a tale about what Freud identified as the "impossible mourning" created by the childhood separation of the self from its mother.
With oncoming darkness, naturalists will discuss celestial navigation and use floodlights on the water to view nocturnal feeders.
Navy, he served aboard a Destroyer and taught celestial navigation to Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.