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navigating according to the positions of the stars

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Celestial Navigation in the GPS Age appears in a revised, expanded edition tailored for navigation in the GPS age.
Although I struggled with the sextant and celestial navigation, as long as I stayed on the bridge and worked at it, the other ship officers would take the time to show me how to do it.
The foreword by HRH the Duke of York leads in to the opening chapters, which look at how navigation and navigational tools (including the development of the chronometer to allow determination of longitude at sea), celestial navigation, and surveying developed.
All of the airline's new A330s are being named after a star or constellation used by Polynesian voyagers for celestial navigation.
The company also has celestial navigation courses, in which sailors of all experience levels are introduced to the concept.
Assigned to the 27th Pursuit Squadron, he immediately sought opportunities to refine his aviation skills, mastering celestial navigation as well as instrument flying and becoming an instructor.
The commonest suggestion involves the concept that moths (and other insects) use a form of celestial navigation called transverse orientation in order to navigate at night, using the moon as a fixed beacon (Sottibandhu and Baker, 1979).
In between are pages addressing aspects of migration and navigation such as genetics, true navigation, magnetic force and the compass, celestial navigation, underwater sounds, gyroscopes, vertical navigation (exploration by submersibles), ocean zonation, flotsam and jetsam drifting patterns, currents, and weather.
They've lost the capacity for celestial navigation.
He had to guard against this when calculating figures for celestial navigation to make his journeys across the world's oceans.
The author covers navigational tools, celestial navigation, charting/surveying techniques and the development of the chronometer to permit the determination of longitude at sea.
His plan was to use celestial navigation to keep the flight on course until it was within range of Itasca.
It takes a lot of courage," he says, "for a mother and father of three little boys to build a 50-foot sailboat and say, 'We are going to sail halfway around the world by celestial navigation, the same way Columbus did.
And surely he must have benefited greatly from his formal schooling when studying in later years for a master's certificate with the British merchant marine, where knowledge of advanced mathematics was essential for celestial navigation.
The other four levels of certification are for more advanced skills such as offshore passage making and celestial navigation.