celestial hierarchy

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the collective body of angels

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It also indeed makes it probable that Dante read the Celestial Hierarchy with the commentary of Albert.
Here too are John's comments on Dionysius' The Celestial Hierarchy, The Ecclesiastical Hierarchy, The Divine Names, and each of the 10 Epistles.
This quote is from The Celestial Hierarchy in the Complete Works of Pseudo-Dionysius.
39) In The Celestial Hierarchy, Dionysius notes that while Scripture applies such ideas as "Word," "Mind," and "Being" to God, these attempts are no more successful than earthly descriptions.
What the Trinity gives the celestial hierarchy and what the angels in turn transmit to the ecclesiastical hierarchy is illumination, the heavenly rays of light that ultimately uplift us taward God.
The highest level of the celestial hierarchy enters into communion with Jesus through a "participation in the knowledge of the divine lights working out of him.
Unlike the celestial hierarchy which is incorporeal and whose level of understanding is beyond us, the human hierarchy due to its limited nature must deal with a plurality of perceptible symbols, which nevertheless can lift us up hierarchically until we are brought as far as we can be into the unity of divinization.
Paul mentions principalities and powers together with angels, thereby suggesting the idea of a celestial hierarchy.