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North American annual plant with usually yellow or orange flowers

perennial herb with branched woody stock and bright yellow flowers

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It has to be the brightest and most cheerful of all the 'cultivated' celandines, with vivid yellow flowers nestling among bronze leaves.
Lesser celandine, a lovely yellow-flowered spring bloomer comes on so fast and so strong in early March that it out competes Oregon's native woodland perennials.
The celandine has to be the smiliest plant ever - the slightest suggestion of sun and its buds open into wide starry flowers with polished petals.
Nadine Kelly, 20, from Celandine Court in Derry, was given a one-year suspended jail sentence after she pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice by giving Meenan a false alibi.
The white juice from a dandelion stem, or from greater celandine applied daily will also work.
Along the banks, beneath the undergrowth, there are splashes of gold celandines, a flower that has the glossiest petals and always reminds me of an Enid Blyton story I had in a book as a young child which told of fairies that came out at night to polish the petals of wayside flowers; having examined the celandine and buttercup I believed it to be true.
Yellow lesser celandine, white stitchwort and purple violets, amongst others, are taking advantage of the light which will be denied them once the trees come into leaf.
Some of the weeds, such as celandine, have showy flowers that are easy to spot.
In spring, banksides are covered in primrose, lesser celandine, wood sorrel and wild garlic, edging later into foxglove, red campion, stitchwort, water avens and meadow sweet.
Or visit a specialist nursery and treat yourself to old favourites like dog violet, periwinkle, marsh marigold, lesser celandine, wood sorrel, clover and yellow flag.
CELANDINE, from Andy Turnell's Sandhutton stable, is fancied to win the East Lothian News Handicap (7.
William Evans was arrested after returning to his home in Celandine Avenue, Salendine Nook, on August 24.