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an informal social gathering at which there is Scottish or Irish folk music and singing and folk dancing and story telling

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Greig, a London-born musician and dance caller who has lived in Dunblane for 25 years, says Scottish ceilidhs have evolved over the last two decades to include dances from around the world.
TONIGHT, February 12, why not warm up with your beloved at a pre-Valentine's Day Ceilidh in Bangor.
There's also a guest appearance by the Earlsdon Morris Men - very fitting as the event had started life as the Earlsdon Ceilidhs in 1976 to raise funds for the morris team to tour in Sweden.
July 30: Ceilidh on Caledonia; Financial services reception; University of Edinburgh reception.
THE Light Nights Ceilidh in St George's Hall last Friday was a roaring success, with the hall almost packed, with hundreds of locals, visitors and tourists all having a great time, dancing away.
The three-day festival opened last night with a ceilidh and performance from Newport Folk Club, featuring master Irish fiddler Tom McConville and acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter David Newey.
Sele Park in the town will welcome a visit that day from The Travelling Museum of British Folklore - housed inside a painted caravan - and there'll be a ceilidh at the park's bandstand, a big, informal affair with plenty room to dance - and picnic.
Their debut album, Make Me A Dancer, is due to hit the shelves in late September and to celebrate, Monster Ceilidh Band, together with Newcastle drum 'n' bass DJ, The Touch, are taking to the Star and Shadow cinema in the city.
The main guests on Friday will be Coope, Boyes and Simpson and Brass Monkey in concert, a ceilidh with Random and a Late Night Bop with T and Latouche.
30am Crossroads Ceilidh at the junction of Bradford Street and Camp Hill 11.
For four nights, up-beat ceilidhs and soothing ballads taken from chart-busting albums Talk on Corners and In Blue rang out in the Arena as they left the audience breathless.
Today, Ceilidhs are sometimes held outdoors in clear weather or, as in this case, on a postage-stamp-size stage raised barely higher than the full house of about forty enthralled people in the village hall of Portree.
Aberdeen - In the Granite City, Hogmanay is celebrated with a mix of concerts, ceilidhs and fireworks.
The event saw people taking part in 85 ceilidhs up and down the country, as well as four international ceilidhs, three in America, and one in Nigeria.