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tropical American trees with palmately compound leaves and showy bell-shaped flowers

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This week the company presented the second major gift to Ceiba Public Schools, a Watsonville based organization dedicated to promoting quality college preparatory education for historically underserved students living in non-urban settings.
DC Electronics decided to invest in Ceiba because its innovative instructional model is proving to be a great investment toward ensuring we have a local educational system that produces a top notch, innovative workforce," said Dave Cianciulli, DC Electronics CEO and President.
The latest DC Electronics donation will help Ceiba extend its summer school program and expand educational opportunities to more at-risk youth in the Pajaro Valley, an area plagued by poverty and gangs.
Ceiba Solutions has successfully and repeatedly delivered the integration between ERPs, or financial systems of record, and SciQuest's eprocurement solution with ease and speed for life sciences customers.
Ceiba Solutions provides composite software and services to help customers streamline and orchestrate business processes to meet corporate objectives.