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a parenteral cephalosporin (trade name Cefobid) used for severe infections


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Louis, MO), cefoperazone (sodium salt), ciprofloxacin, piperacillin (sodium salt), gentamicin (sulfate salt) obtained from Sigma, tetracycline (hydrochloride) from USB and chloramphenicol from Fluka were used.
88 AMI: amikacin (30 [micro]g); AMP: ampicillin (10 [micro]g); CAR: carbenicillin (100 [micro]g); CPZ: cefoperazone (75 [micro]g); CTX: cefotaxime (30 [micro]g); CFO: cefoxitin (30 [micro]g); CLO: chloramphenicol (30 [micro]g); SUT: trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (25 [micro]g); GEN: gentamicin (10 [micro]g); NEO: neomycin (30 [micro]g); NET: netilmicin (30 [micro]g); POL: polymyxin B (300 [micro]g); TET: tetracycline (30 [micro]g); TOB: tobramycin (10 [micro]g).
Name of products Acidum pipemidig Atenolol Albendazol Amineptina Aciclovir Acid clavulanic Astemizole Aztreonam Bacampicillin Budesonide Bitolterol mesylate Bromcriptine masylate Bifonazol Cyclosporin Cefadroxil monohydrat Cefotaxime sodium Cyclopirox olamine Cytarabine Hcl Cetraxate Hcl Cefsulodin sodium Cefoperazone Domperidon Estazolam Fentiazac Isoconazol Ipratropium bromide Ifosfamide Ketoconazol Labetalol Hcl Minoxidil Miconazol Metroprolol tartrat Metrizamide Mianserin Hcl Midazolam malfate Metilmicin SO4 Nadolol Nicardipine Hcl Nor floxacin Oxatomide Piroxicam Praziquantel Procaterol Hcl Prazosin Hcl Sisomicin sulfat Sulprostone Tiemonium metil SO4 Tioconazole Vindesine SO4 Vecuronium bromide
Total (n=75) (n=35) (n=922) Antimicrobials n@(%) n@ (%) n (%) Carbapenems 6 (8) 5 (14) 465 (50) Aminoglycosides 43 (57) 10 (29) 607 (66) Fluoroquinolones 35 (47) 11 (31) 701 (76) Third generation 42 (56) 30 (86) 816(88) cephalosporins [beta] lactam-[beta] 8 (11) 5 (14) 582 (63) lactamese Inhibitor combinations Resistance to above 4 (5) 5 (14) 246 (27) 5 classes of drugs (XDR) Carbapenems: represented by imipenem and meropenem; aminoglycosides represented by amikacin and netilmicin; fluoroquinolones represented by ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin; [beta] lactam/ [beta] lactamase inhibitor combinations represented by piperacillin/tazobacatam & cefoperazone /sulbactam; third generation cephalosporins represented by cetfazidime and ceftriaxone.
Antimicrobial agents ([micro]g) H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 H7 Amoxacillin (30) BBL S S S S S S S Ampicilin(10) Oxoid S S S S R S S Carbenicilline (100) Oxoid S S S S S S S Cefoperazone (75) BBL S S S I I S S Cefuroxime (30) BBL R R R I I R R Nalidic acid(30) BBL I I I S S R S Oflaxicin (5) Oxoid S S S S S S S Oleandomycin (15) Oxoid S S S R R S S Oxacillin (1) BBL S I I R R I S Penicilline (5) Oxoid S I I S S I I Rifampicin (30) Oxoid S S S S S S S Streptomycin (10) Bioanalyse S S I S S I S Tetracycline(30) Bioanalyse I S I S S I I Vancomycin (3) BBL S S S I S S S R: Resistance.
In their studies, the Michigan researchers first treat mice for several days with the broad-spectrum antibiotic cefoperazone to destroy the gut flora.
Cefoperazone inhibits enterobacteriaceae but not enterococci, while colistin is active against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative organisms and inhibits the growth of organisms such as Pseudomonas species.
We cultured for Arcobacter using an isolation method for fecal samples carried out in veterinary medicine that was previously validated for use on human feces (11): 1 g of feces was inoculated into a liquid selective broth (24 g/L Arcobacter broth with 50 mL lysed, defibrinated horse blood and an antimicrobial supplement of 16 mg/L cefoperazone, 10 mg/L amphotericin B, 100 mg/L 5-fluorouracil, 64 mg/L trimethoprim, and 32 mg/L novobiocine [Oxoid, Cambridge, United Kingdom]) and incubated for 24 h at 25[degrees]C in a microaerobic atmosphere of 6% [O.
coli isolates originally resistant to ciprofloxacin, cefoperazone, ceftazidime and roxithromycin became sensitive to each of these antibiotics as a result of plasmid curing (Table III).
against amoxycillin (10(g), vancomycin(30(g), nitrofurantoin (300([micro]g), ciprofloxacin (5([micro]g) and high level aminoglycoside resistance gentamicin (HLAR-G, 120([micro]g); Pseudomonas aeruginosa against amikacin (30(g), cefoperazone (75(g), gentamicin (10(g), ceftazidime (30(g) and ciprofloxacin (5(g).
avium were consistently resistant to penicillin and cefuroxime but susceptible to mezlocillin, piperacillin, gentamicin, amikacin, and cefoperazone (6).
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The enrichment broths were subcultured onto Campylobacter blood-free selective agar (charcoal cefoperazone deoxycholate agar product CM0739, Oxoid Ltd) at 37[degrees]C for 48 hours microaerobically, by using a microaerobic gas generating kit (product CN0025, Oxoid, Ltd).
The following antibiotics ([micro]g) were tested by the disk diffusion method, piperacillin (100), piperacillin/tazobactam (100/10), tic arcillin/clavulinic acid (75/10), ceftazidime (30), cefepime (30), cefoperazone (30), ceftriaxone (30), cefotaxime (30), amikacin (30), levofloxacin (5), ciprofloxacin (5) and imipenem (10) (Hi-Media Laboratories, Mumbai).
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