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the basic unit of money in Ghana

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Ms Yousif said she came to Bahrain a month ago after her mother paid 12 million Ghana Cedis (BD388) to bring her here.
To enable programs to provide the method with limited outside support over the long term, some working group members suggested a unit price of 6,0008,000 cedis (at the time approximately US$1).
She revealed that about one 'anto' (mini) bag of garden eggs cost 6 to thousand cedis but this depended on the season.
Each participant received 20,000 cedis for their participation.
Investment in fixed assets was measured in hundred millions of Ghanaian Cedis (at the time of the questionnaire administration, US$1 = 2300.
Si caput aspicias, compto dum crine superbit, 10 Nescio qua reliquos suspicione trahit; Si capitis motum, nunc hac nunc vertitur illac: Discu[ti]es (10) tanquam non velit esse tuum; Si faciem, Veneris vitio praedante ruborem, Eloquitur vitium pallida forma tuum; 15 Si linguam, mollit pulsum ne forte palatum Obstrepat, et mulier fatur in ore viri; Si gressum, tumidas suspendis in aere plantas, Vix pede degustans anteriore vias; Si partes alias, muliebrem cedis in usum, 20 Femineo gestu dissimulante virum.
That makes sense from the viewpoint of the foreign operators -- they will want to maintain constant profits in dollar-denominated terms, not in cedis, the local currency.
At the time of initial submission of this paper, $1 US was equivalent to 2420 Cedis (the Ghanaian currency).
Households have to spend more on girls than on boys at all levels of education, and this gender disparity in direct costs increases with the level of schooling--from a difference of about 1,000 cedis at the primary level to 24,000 cedis at the tertiary level.
In this model, it makes no difference whether wheat consumption bears a tax or cedis carry interest.
Here is the example of a 16-year old kayayoo, whose journey to Accra was financed by her mother and herself; "1 save on a daily basis of 500 cedis with the susu collector and 300 cedis on a monthly basis with ten colleagues of mine.
This should help arrest the sim box menace which is costing both the government and the telecom firms muti-million Ghana cedis
The minimum wage in Ghana is six Ghana cedis (approximately $1.
We initially started in December 2013, building credibility in the market place, and within four months we were holding something like one to one and a half million cedis ($30,000-$45,000) of stock.