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the act of ceding

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Then, in the case of loss the ceding company now has to pay the whole sum assured to Mr.
By way of background, beginning largely in the 1990s and continuing through the early 2000s, the issue of whether there was reinsurance coverage for a ceding company's declaratory judgment costs--i.
The ceding company has the option to offer an Individual risk to the reinsurer and the reinsurer retains the right to accept or reject the risk.
With the ceding of 338 shares by Christensen, he owns 10,300 shares in DiaGenic and the reverse share split stands settled.
In response to a question from one lawmaker, Clinton said the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has pursued a policy of ceding more and more territory to the Taliban and others.
Some regulators ask why such a requirement would be necessary; some say it would guarantee that a ceding company has access to the funds in the trust; and some say a ceding company would be better off if it avoided touching the collateral.
ceding its plan to have nuclear weapons and joining the American-led alliance.
THE CEDING OF POWER: HAS CONGRESS ABDICATED ITS WAR-MAKING POWERS is a call to action for citizens who want to understand how wars are initiated by the U.
And this is just a partial list of negatives that will accrue by ceding just one little part of our sovereignty.
Meanwhile, in an interview prior to the bishops' decision, New Westminster Chancellor George Cadman said that while he respected the work of the task force, he had questions about the issue of ceding authority.
By ceding financial control to the states, localities cede political control over their affairs.
Under the terms of the draft Regulation, technology transfer agreements concern the ceding of technology licences: patent licences, know-how or copyright on software.
In addition, two consensuses are summarized: (1) accounting for multiyear retrospectively rated contracts (RRCs) by ceding and assuming enterprises and (20 sales and leasebacks of assets leased to other parties.
Now the federal government is attempting to solve a land dispute--not between a tribe and the government but between two tribes--by ceding National Forest land to one of the tribes.
Offset is the mechanism by which two contracting parties, a ceding company and a reinsurer, reduce mutual debits and credits to arrive at a net balance.