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durable aromatic wood of any of numerous cedar trees

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The scent opens with bergamot and lemon, contains heart notes of cedarwood and a base of musk, milk and sandalwood.
The heart has apple and blackcurrant along with fresh, clean cedarwood.
Wedding Planners: KAREN and LINDA WRIGHT, Wedding Director, CHRISTA HARRIS and DECOR, CHURCH PEWS, AND WINDOWS--all Cedarwood Weddings in Nashville, 615.
There's London with lychee and citrus top notes, a heart of rose and peony, which evolves to a powdery musk with cedarwood base.
Monroe's secret perfume preference conjures gorgeous interplay of rose, geranium, citronella and cedarwood.
50 Base notes of amber, leather accord and cedarwood, it's testosterone in a bottle.
Cozy Corner Books and Coffee, currently located at 2500 Cedarwood Ave.
Daisy Pop Art edition is a richer interpretation of the eau de toilette with wild strawberry, velvety violet petals, gardenia and jasmine mixing with cedarwood and birch.
The surreal blend fuses a contrast of ethereal elements with heavy extracts such as hibiscus, cattelya orchid and absinthe with the lighter flavours of amber, cedarwood caped in white musk.
The products contain cedarwood and patchouli, two essential oils known for their therapeutic skincare benefits and, like the rest of the Bulldog range, contain no parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.
Situated in a beautiful setting near the popular resort of Broad Haven on West Wales' Atlantic coast, its stunning cedarwood lodges offer panoramic views over the peaceful hills and valleys.
Cedarwood Apartments in Wenatchee will add 16 new one-bedroom apartments in 2008, and follow that addition with another eight one-bedroom units and 64 two-bedroom units in 2010.
Handmade by Denali Dreams Soap Company in Alaska, both products are biodegradable and made with cedarwood and citronella.
It is available in Desert Sand, Cape Cod Gray, Cedarwood, Redwood and Rustic Brown, and two toners including Natural Redwood Toner and Natural Honey Toner.
Youthful inquisitiveness and perseverance prevail in this simply told yet enchanting tale as Lily agrees to move to Cedarwood for one year, stating that if she even gleans a hint of danger, the family will immediately leave.