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a small native range horse


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In the extreme Afghan conditions, the MD 530F Cayuse Warrior has proven its strong performance capability, and we are proud to supply gearboxes and other critical parts and systems for the aircraft.
Further, MDHI received an initial delivery order under the IDIQ contract for 30 new MD 530F Cayuse Warrior helicopters for the Afghan Air Force.
For example, if Cayuse Creek had less than 1000 feet of runway, an air temperature of 85 deg.
Every cavalry unit, however, had experienced roughriders on hand who were tasked with breaking unruly horses or rescuing hapless troopers "not familiar with either the disposition or the wonderful possibilities of a western cayuse.
The AH-6i is a single-turbine helicopter that is based on the combat-proven OH-6A Cayuse.
On the dreary plains of Texas, with the loot of a bank in their saddle-bags and a sheriff's posse close at their heels, Coleman turned his cayuse in its tracks, drew his pistols and for a moment stood off the officers of the law.
Much of the excitement comes from the fact that its "In the Rocks" Vineyard was planted under the guidance of Christophe Baron, the famed Champagne-raised vintner whose Cayuse label has been putting people on long wait lists for years.
Three helicopters were in the midst of this recognition: the AH-1 Cobra, the OH-6 Cayuse, and the OH-58 Kiowa.
It was ordered by the US Army under the Light Observation Helicopter (Loh) programme (hence its nick-name 'Loach'), and designated OH-6A Cayuse.
Walla and Cayuse of the northern tribes were dismayed by the idea of a
Chapter 4 reviews the facts surrounding the 1847 execution of fourteen white missionaries on a charge of deliberately poisoning Cayuse, Nez Perce, and Walla Walla peoples in order to seize their territory.
If there is a stereotypical character in this film (next to the Cayuse Indian), it's the pilot, Stephen Meek, played by a surprisingly unrecognizable Bruce Greenwood.
And when Meek captures a scout from the Cayuse tribe (Rod Rondeaux) and urges that they kill him on the spot, Emily becomes the Native American's unwitting protector.
A Cayuse enrolled in the Umatilla Tribes, he published oral histories of tribal Elders, who helped him to understand the biology of the Pacific lamprey, and they charted its decline starting in the 1970s.
Paquette, whose father is of Cree and Cayuse descent and whose mother is Scandinavian, was approached by former gallery director of arts Heidi Alther after she heard about his work through Senator Theresa Chalifoux.