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Words related to caw

the sound made by corvine birds

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utter a cry, characteristic of crows, rooks, or ravens

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CAW is finalizing an agreement for Lake DeGray to nearly double our existing water supply.
The working mother was replaced by the citizen mother who supported family and nation in the manner of Marjorie Caw.
Against this background we see a need for more critical thought about how the CAW concept can better relate ways and means to desired ends.
In stark contrast to the CEP, the CAW has been anything but politically consistent with respect to its relationship to the NDP.
I have a personal link to all of this, having worked on a number of earlier CAW research projects and the CAW-McMaster program.
CAW Local 2245 is the representative of 750 flight service specialists at 63 airports across Canada.
During the negotiations, Ford threatened that if we didn t come to an agreement, the company would begin shifting investment out of Canada," said Ken Lewenza, president of the CAW.
Woolpert will leverage GIS information, implement a complete CMMS and integrate information from finance and the CAW Customer Information System among other systems within Central Arkansas Water's operation.
Caw, she cries, and I must feed her my flesh / for the flight to continue.
TORONTO -- Members of the CAW union at a Group of 17 Nursing Homes in Ontario have ratified a new three-year collective agreement.
Given the looming labor negotiations between the Big Three and the CAW (and the definite possibility of a strike), it is essential for suppliers to understand the players, timing and possible effects of any labor stoppage.
Commenting on the latter, Michael Connell, of the Canadian Catholic Civil Rights League, told LifeSite, "Tragically, by attempting to bully the Church, the CAW betrays the Church's historical support that was instrumental in helping unions build their credibility.
It all started when the CAW planned to merge with an independent union representing 1,700 nickel miners in Sudbury.
We've come a long way,'' said CAW President Buzz Hargrove.
Caw, caw," he crowed as he flew down to take a closer look.